We are the United Voice of the American Hunter. We will protect our Hunting Lifestyle and its rich Heritage. We will defend all of our Traditional American Values of God, Family, Country, and our Nation’s Constitution.

We will educate hunters, and others, about the value of our hunting heritage. We use our digital Campfire Series to inform hunters of policies that threaten our outdoor way of life.

We work at the state and national level to develop pro-hunting policy and laws. When necessary, we use our Litigation Program to ensure hunting rights are protected and our Traditional Values are not infringed. Hunter Nation is leading the national effort get the  Gray Wolf Delisted in all 48 continental states.

Keith Mark on hunting and the funding of game management

Hunter Nation President Keith Mark, in a recent PBS documentary, discusses the conservative hunting advocacy group's perspective on how the economics of game management plays a role in wildlife conservation and outdoor recreation.

By NATHAN DENZIN | Here & Now | March 13, 2024

Due to unmanaged populations, wolves are a real threat to wildlife, hunting and more...

In 1974, there were nearly 16 million American hunters.  Deer, elk, moose and all game populations were on the rise.  Hunting was an honored and revered skill, really a lifestyle, that had been passed down from generation to generation.  At that time, the American hunter was living in “the good old days of hunting,” and the future of hunting had never looked so bright.

In 2000 Wisconsin hunters harvested over 615,293 Whitetail Deer, in 2023 the deer harvest was under 300,000.

248 wolves in 2000 have grown to over 1,000 today.

The 2023 firearms season was the lowest on record, statewide deer harvest was down nearly 20% from 2022.

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Hunter Nation Supporter & NFL Great Brett Favre

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Hunter Nation members are hardworking patriots from all walks of life and backgrounds who are bound together by our hunting lifestyle, who are concerned about many critical issues facing our country today -- including the threat to our hunting heritage. We truly believe our success, really the future of America, will be determined by action of the American Hunters in all 50 states. Hunters have always been exceptional care takers of their families and maintained peace in their own backyards, but historically have not been active or vocal about their opinions of American politics and the leaders we have elected into office. However, it is these leaders who want to destroy our lifestyle and the America we love.

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Brittany Jill On The Challenges Of Hunting While 35 Weeks Pregnant

One of my favorite hunts was my hunt from this past deer season. I was pregnant with my 2nd son and my goal was to get a doe with my bow. I was 35 weeks pregnant when I had a doe walk in and I made a great shot on ...

We are building a grassroots army to promote and protect The Traditional American Values of God, Family, Country, and the Hunting way of life. Join or Renew Today

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Join Hunter Nation Founder and Host Keith Mark for a Virtual Campfire with Turkey Hunting Experts, Cuz Strickland, Jana Waller, Ray Eye & Rob Keck. VIEW MORE

For Christmas, there is a new installment in the “An Old Hunting Story” series.  Part five, “Christmas,” is new. However, to fully understand, you need to read the series from the start! I hope you enjoy this five part series about John! PART One | Two | Three | FourFive

Keith Mark's “Tales From Wheat Creek,” is an old fashioned series of stories involving faith, family, friends and hunting. These tales are inspired by the author’s lifetime of experiences including his upbringing, faith, family, as well as his experiences in the outdoors, the world of entertainment, business, and much more.  Sometimes it may be hard for the reader to separate fact from fiction, but that is part of what makes these stories so special.

Hunter Nation Spokesperson - Ted Nugent is actively advocating daily for the rights of hunters and gun owners, engaging in political activism to defend our rights. Watch Uncle Ted alongside Brannon Howse and General Flynn as they discuss various topics related to hunting, conservation, and patriotic values.

Featured Wed, 04/03/2024 on Brannon Howse Live


Keith Mark joins Grant Stinchfield on Stinchfield Tonight, October 27th, 2023. Grant and Keith discuss hunters getting out to vote in recent Louisiana election. Hunt the Vote, Hunter Nation Foundation’s GOTV program, launched a campaign targeting non-voting hunters in Louisiana. This effort resulted in a strong turnout of Louisiana hunters.

Real America's Voice Stinchfield Tonight with Grant Sninchfield 10-27-2023

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So it's coming to springtime. And one of the best things, one of our most favorite things to do, and I used to pick on it a lot, you know, and that was Turkey and I used to say I hated turkey hunting and you want to know why? Because how could something with the brain that 🤌big outsmart all of our brains? Well, that's Turkey Hunting.

Now, you know, we've got the four species here in America, in the United States. We have the Eastern which is one of your biggest birds. And that's where we originated from Illinois. You have your Rios down in Texas, the Panhandle Oklahoma and all that, you know, and they're they're branching out a little bit you have your Osceola is in only one state and Florida. And you know, we're always down at Hoppy's hunting them. But now you come to another bird called the Meriam. Do you know the white plumage, that golden white on the fans, they're beautiful birds. And believe it or not, they're one of the most vocal out of all the turkey species. VIEW MORE

by Ted Nugent & Keith Mark

In the beginning, God gave the world

everything it needed to survive and be happy, including the birds in the air and the animals on the earth.  But in order to show all of mankind how to utilize and protect those creatures, God made a Hunter.

To keep His people fed and clothed, God made a Hunter.

When certain skills were needed to protect us from enemies and wild beasts, God made a Hunter.


Kansas City – Led by Rep. Tom Tiffany, a coalition of members of U.S. Congress sent a letter to the Department of the Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, encouraging her to appeal the radical decision by an activist California judge that restored Endangered Species Act protections for the gray wolf in most states, despite the wolf being fully recovered.

“Activist judges in California do not know better than America’s farmers, ranchers and families,” said Hunter Nation President and CEO Luke Hilgemann. “Responsible predator management is successful when local conservation and hunting leaders come together to develop a plan that works for that community. Thank you to those in Washington who still have some commonsense.”


In September 2021, Hunter Nation filed a brief defending hunters in this case. You can read the press release from that brief here.

Every election, millions of American hunters who embrace the values of God, Family, Country, the Outdoor Lifestyle, and our nation’s Constitution do not vote.

Hunters can no longer sit on the sidelines.

Now is the time for Hunters to become effectively engaged in the fight for the future of our country, the sport we love, and the values we hold dear.

Across the country in 2024 and beyond, American hunters must take action.

As an American hunter, you must VOTE.

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