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Hunter Nation Applauds Legislature, Calls on Gov. Evers to Sign Part of Sporting Freedom Package

By Hunter Nation | January 20, 2022

Hunter Nation looks forward to working with hunting champions in the legislature to pass rest of the bills in the package Madison, Wis. – The Wisconsin State Assembly passed part of the Wisconsin Sporting Freedom package in a bipartisan fashion today. Passage of this commonsense legislation sends a clear message to the people of Wisconsin that…

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Take Action Against Colorado bill to ban the hunting of bobcat, lynx and mountain lion

By Hunter Nation | January 15, 2022

(Updated 1/20/22) In Colorado, a bill to ban the hunting of bobcat, lynx and mountain lion was just introduced yesterday in the state legislature after a similar attempt to ban the hunting of bobcat, lynx, or mountain lion failed before the Colorado Game Commission. We need your support to prevent these attempts to ban these types of…

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Teach them Right

By Keith Mark | January 14, 2022

It happened so fast that all I could do was act instinctively.  As I came around the corner into the dimly lit alley, I saw my partner kneeling over a teenage-looking boy, who appeared to be injured.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a hooded figure moving out of the shadows toward…

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Welcome 2022 A bowhunter’s resolutions!

By Keith Mark | January 1, 2022

As I head into a New Year, I always look back to assess what I did right and where I missed the Mark.  (Pun intended!)  Also, like most of us, I try to make some realistic resolutions that I can, and will, live up to.  This year is no different.  This is my peek back…

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Wisconsin Sporting Freedom Act Testimony

By Hunter Nation | December 26, 2021

Last week I had the distinct honor of offering testimony on the bills in the Wisconsin Sporting Freedom Act. I applauded the authors and legislators who have supported these bills. You can watch my testimony here. In my testimony I highlighted how these bills would expand the enjoyment of our God-given natural resources, make it…

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By Keith Mark | December 23, 2021

I was only eleven years old when I first met Mr. Barnes.  Mom and Dad had just bought the farm in Wheat Creek, and he owned the farm just west of us. He was the first person I met after we moved in, and although that was more than fifty-years ago, I remember it like…

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Uncle Ted – Happy Birthday to Me!

By Ted Nugent | December 15, 2021

Wow! That was quite the whirlwind funride these past flamethrowing, outrageous, crazyFUN 73 years, was it not! I'm surprised I survived the G-forces! On that lovely winter day, December 13, 1948 in the MotorCity energy storm, I launched full force into my American Dream and haven't wasted any time looking back since, not once. Between…

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Uncle Ted – Not All Deerhunting Is The Same

By Ted Nugent | December 8, 2021

My binoculars confirmed the distant movement as a much-anticipated whitetail deer. Upon close examination, it was identified as a fawn buttonbuck of the year. Even in the historical hard pressured deerwoods of Michigan, everybody knows that these little boogers are considered to be the dumbest deer in the woods. And rightly so, for compared to…

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Uncle Ted – I Love You

By Ted Nugent | December 1, 2021

Love makes the world go round; So they say. And in many ways, I am sure that it does. Within our core innercircle family lives, I am sure nothing is more-true, but as hunters, we are connected quite powerfully in many ways that is everything like family. Not a day goes by that I fail…

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Uncle Ted – Happy Thanksgiving Everyday America

By Ted Nugent | November 24, 2021

If I'm not mistaken (an extremely rare occurrence) I have written and published a Happy Thanksgiving piece every year for more than 30 years, and I'm raring to do it again, because giving thanks to God for this miracle of life and His spellbinding miraculous creation is the very least that we can do. I…

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