Hunter Nation Newsletter
April 2024

Greetings from Hunter Nation headquarters! I hope each of you and your families had a wonderful and faith inspiring Easter. I also congratulate many of you on your turkey season successes and wishing the rest of you “Good Luck!” the rest of the way, or when your season starts. Here in Kansas, our youth season went well, the archery season started this week, and our regular season starts on April 17. Again, this year, the resident bag limit is one turkey.


Unfortunately, our Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks has been hijacked by pseudo hunters, so our wildlife management decisions have suffered as of late. As I pen these lines, Hunter Nation has a bill in the Kansas Legislature that would change how the KDWP commissioners are appointed. Hunter Nation believes that the proposed changes will ensure a more cross-section of Kansans and hunters will be represented on the KDWP board, and that hunter-friendly, science-based management will, once again, be the driving force in Kansas.

Hunter Nation is working hard in Pennsylvania to make Sunday hunting finally legal, which will allow hunting seven days a week in the Commonwealth. At Hunter Nation, we strive to make the opportunity to hunt available to all people in this great country. Part of that mission is expanding habitat available to hunters and recruiting new hunters. Another part of the Hunter Nation mission is making time available to hunters. Many Americans, who wish to carry on our nation’s great hunting tradition, or pass that tradition on to their children, have great difficulty doing that because of busy work schedules. Many are unable to take a day off work during the week, and many have to work Saturdays as well. For them, Sunday is the only readily available day for hunting. These hard-working, blue-collar Americans should be allowed to hunt on Sunday. Hunter Nation believes that our right to hunt on every day of the week during hunting season should not be infringed.

On the national level, Hunter Nation is still leading the charge to get the gray wolf delisted in all lower 48 states, without judicial review. We have devoted an entire portion of the Hunter Nation website to this issue. You can check it out here:

Also, a little later in this newsletter, you can learn more about our upcoming documentary on the Wolf War and see how you can be a part of the production and have an on-screen credit.

And now for the big news!

Hunter Nation, Inc., and Hunter Nation Foundation, Inc., both held Board meetings last week. Rock Bordelon was elected to the Chairman of the Board position of both organizations. Benghazi hero Mark “OZ” Geist was elected to the Foundation’s Board. Additionally, Donald Trump, Jr. has joined the Board of Directors, as well! To read the full press release click here:

Did you know Hunter Nation is a non-profit organization led by volunteers?

That’s right, neither I, nor any member of the Board of Directors, is getting paid for our efforts. To sustain the organization’s great work, we need help. We are a membership organization and are presently engaging in a large membership drive. Please help our efforts to protect our Hunting Lifestyle by joining, getting your friends and family to join, or by going to the website and buying a hat or shirt. We remain steadfast in our resolution to be the United Voice and Champion of the American Hunter!

God Bless!


Keith Mark
Founder and President

Hunter Nation

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Hunter Nation Supports Effective Predator Management

Hunter Nation is in the pre-production phase of a new documentary we are creating that explores the truth about wolves in America. You can join our effort to help manage wolves in America by sharing any stories, photos, or video clips you might have about wolf encounters you or someone you know has experienced for our upcoming documentary, “Wolf War 2”.  “Wolf War 2” is in production now and our producers are looking for stories from any of our members/ friends who have experienced encounters with wolves.  Our elected officials and decision-makers need to hear from you, the American hunter, and this is a great opportunity to have your voice heard! Reach out to [email protected] and let our producers know about your wolf story.

We will follow up on any submissions and if your story is included, you will receive recognition in the film’s credits. In some cases, we may want to interview you on camera to help tell the true story of the impact wolves are having on hunters.  

To see our first wolf documentary, “Enough Is Enough”, click here: 

Play Video

Hunter Nation recognizes the importance of apex predators and the need for humans to manage their populations to protect deer, moose, elk herds and all their prey. That’s why we are taking action now to slow down the proliferation of wolves throughout portions of America like Wisconsin where deer harvests are declining dramatically.

For decades, anti-hunting groups posing as “conservationists” have misused our court system to keep the wolves federally protected despite having already reached their stated recovery goals. These groups are well funded and well connected in the media and D.C..

Do not believe their misinformation!

To learn the true wolf story and see how you can help visit: 

Brittany Jill on the Challenges of Hunting
while 35 Weeks Pregnant

One of my favorite hunts was my hunt from this past deer season. I was pregnant with my 2nd son and my goal was to get a doe with my bow. I was 35 weeks pregnant when I had a doe walk in and I made a great shot on her! I called my husband because my one rule from my doctor was “no dragging a deer out.” Once my husband showed up we found her about 70 yards away. That afternoon we went back out to try for a buck because we knew he was somewhere close because the trail camera had him on camera earlier in the day.

My husband and I got to the blind we were going to hunt in. He had agreed to film the hunt. As I got into the blind I looked back and saw my husband staring at something intently. At that moment, I saw our target buck stand up and run the opposite direction. He had been bedded about 50 yards from the blind. We had to change our game plan and move to a blind on the other side of the property. That’s why it’s always good to have a Plan B but it wouldn’t be easy.

At 35 weeks pregnant I didn’t want to waddle all the way there, so I got on the E-bike and rode to the other blind while my husband walked. We got set up and after about an hour or so, I saw a buck in the woods to our right. It wasn’t my target buck we had seen earlier in the day, but it was a buck I would have been thrilled to get a shot at. When he started walking away, my husband snort wheezed at him. The call had its intended effect and the buck turned and started coming our way.

I was trying to control my breathing while my husband was getting the camera focused on him. In retrospect I probably sounded like I was at birthing class! Quietly, I drew back on the buck 3 different times waiting for him to turn broadside. The 3rd time was the charm. Finally, the buck was perfectly broadside, so I let my arrow go. All my practice paid off as the arrow hit right behind his shoulder. After waiting 30 minutes, we got out to look for the buck. The blood trail was easy to follow, and we quickly found my him. Once again, my sweet husband had to do the hard work and he drug the deer out for me.


I am so proud that I made it happen while 35 weeks pregnant. I’m not sure how many women can say they have harvested any animal with a bow while that pregnant, but I sure can! It was also amazing taking pictures with my toddler and letting him see mom’s “BIG BUCK!”

That buck will soon be hanging in my our new son's room because he was with me (in my belly) for the hunt! I knew I was going to be very pregnant this hunting season, which is why I wasn’t setting my hopes high. I had convinced myself that a doe would be a great 2023 trophy, but in the end, God blessed us beyond my wildest dreams. And I am not just talking about the beautiful trophy buck!

Brittany Jill
Hunter Nation Social Media Director

Wisconsin Chapter Update - Spring 2024

The last few months have been busy with listening sessions, testifying in Madison for hunters’ rights, attending sporting group meetings and hosting live events. Hunter Nation Wisconsin recently held two Wolf War II events with local legislators, our members, and the hunting community. While predator management is at the forefront of what we are currently engaged in, this was an open forum opportunity to discuss predators, our whitetail deer herd and all wildlife management needs in our state with elected officials.

These events are your opportunity to hear about our predator management plan and join our growing grass roots Wisconsin chapter.

Chris Vaughan
Hunter Nation Wisconsin State Director

[email protected]


Congressman Tom Tiffany and Representative Chanz Green from Assembly District 74 were on hand. We had a strong turnout and were able to live stream the meeting to an additional 2,200+ viewers.

Next Listening Session Event

I am excited to announce our next event which will be held on Tuesday April 16th in Park Falls at the American Legion Hall Post 182 at 6pm.   This will be another opportunity to discuss predators, whitetails, turkey, and all wildlife management opportunities in our state. Elected state legislators will be in attendance as well.

Mark your calendar now and get there early as it will be packed!

Date: April 16, 2024 (Tuesday)
Time: 6 PM to 10 PM
Location: American Legion Hall - Post 182
Address: 274 N 3rd Ave, Park Falls, WI 54552


Wisconsin Wolf Watch

Hunter Nation is at the forefront of predator management. We support the removal of a federal delisting of wolves to place them in the management of the state and hold the WI DNR responsible to set not only a numeric population goal, but a harvest quota as well.

Our plan is simple, but not easy. We need to unite and be vocal. We will continue to work to get Congress to pass H.R. 764 - Trust the Science Act that was introduced by Wisconsin Representative Tom Tiffany and Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert. This bill will legislatively delist the gray wolf in the lower 48 states with NO JUDICIAL REVIEW. Thus, eliminating the Left’s use of liberal judges to block sound wildlife management.

Hunter Nation Founder Keith Mark, Rep. Tom Tiffany & Hunter Nation Chairman of the Board Rock Bordelon meeting in Wisconsin

While we continue to fight for a federal delisting of wolves and placing them in the states control, an important piece to follow is the lawsuit filed by the Center for Biological Diversity which now requires the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to draft a new recovery plan for gray wolves within the next two year.


Proud Partner of the
Wisconsin Bear Hunter’s Association

In March, we had the honor of again being a part of the 60th Annual Wisconsin Bear Hunter’s Association (WBHA) annual convention.

This annual event brings together a group committed to protecting bear hunting rights, promoting youth hunting, and supporting conservation here in Wisconsin. Hunter Nation is proud to work closely & partner with the Wisconsin bear hunters – Thank You!

Hunter Pride 365 Annual Membership $ 177.60

Hunter Nation members are hardworking patriots from all walks of life and backgrounds who are bound together by our hunting lifestyle, who are concerned about many critical issues facing our country today -- including the threat to our hunting heritage. We truly believe our success, really the future of America, will be determined by action of the American Hunters in all 50 states. Hunters have always been exceptional care takers of their families and maintained peace in their own backyards, but historically have not been active or vocal about their opinions of American politics and the leaders we have elected into office. However, it is these leaders who want to destroy our lifestyle and the America we love.

Today, we challenge the American Hunter to be vocal, be active, and become a participant in politics in their local communities. In order to do this, the first step is to commit to be part of something bigger than ourselves, by joining Hunter Nation. Together, an army of hunters, can accomplish anything. This includes having a positive impact on laws and regulations directly impacting our lifestyle and beliefs, and having a big say-so in who our elected officials are: from local school boards all the way up the ladder to the President of the United States. We challenge you to prove you are proud to be a hunter, and proud to be a patriot!

Lately, there have been a lot of people showing their pride for this, that or the other thing in American society. The time is now for hunters to step forward and say they are proud to be a hunter patriot 365 days a year. If you are not a Hunter Nation member already, please become a “Hunter Pride 365” member. If you are already a member, thank you, and please show your “Hunter Pride 365” by buying a shirt!

Hunter Nation was founded with the goal to be the united voice of the American hunter and to protect not only our hunting lifestyle and heritage, but all of our Traditional American Values. Join our 100s of members nationwide and tell us how you plan to show your Hunter Pride 365!

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