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Kansas Legislature Supports Revamping State’s Wildlife and Parks Commission

May 13, 2024

Hunter Nation, which is headquartered in Mission, KS, salutes the Kansas Legislature for its bipartisan effort in passing House Bill 2530. This legislation amends the way members of the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission are selected. The new change provides for the Governor to select four (4) members of the commission and the Kansas Speaker of the House, President of the Senate and state Attorney General would each select one (1) member for the seven (7) person commission. Under the previous law, the governor selected all seven (7) members of the commission

Hunter Nation salutes Governor Laura Kelly, who recently signed this legislation into law.

Wildlife management should never be a political issue,” said Keith Mark, Founder and President of Hunter Nation. “Being a lifelong Kansan, and hunter, this bipartisan legislation brings much needed changes, and is a real victory for Kansas hunters, landowners, and wildlife,” added Mark.

Kansas is steeped in a rich tradition of hunting and fishing, passed down through generations. To preserve this heritage, we must unite across party lines and advocate for our sportsmen and sportswomen. Having dedicated hunters and/or anglers on the State Board is crucial—it ensures that Kansas policies protect our rights, our lands, and our way of life,” KS Sen. Jeff Pittman, District 5

“As they say, if you don’t make needed changes, you will retain the same results. The sportsman and landowners saw the radical wokeness with the current system and was asking for better representation for all Kansans. This was a great victory for all Sportsmen not only in Kansas but all over and landowner’s 4th amendment rights are more secure,” commented KS Rep. Ken Corbet, District 54 and owner of Ravenwood Lodge near Topeka

House Bill 2530 passed by the Senate 21-18 and by the House vote of 78-45 on Tuesday.

Contact: Keith Mark at [email protected]


HB 2530 - Conference Committee Report was adopted by both the House and Senate on 04/30/2024

Kansas Senators and Representatives are advocating for hunters by voting in favor of HB2530, which aims to diversify the selection process for the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission.

Please reach out and express your gratitude to the Senators and Representatives who supported Hunters!

Kansas Senators and Representatives who voted against of HB2530, which aims to diversify the selection process for the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission.

Kansas Senators and Representatives who were absent for the vote on a hunting-related bill.

Absent Not Voting (1) Senators & (2) Representatives

HB 2530, as agreed upon by the Conference Committee, contains the amended contents of SB 347. This bill would make changes to the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission. Hunter Nation actively supported HB 2530 throughout its development, which involved the related House Bill (HB 2582) and Senate Bill (SB 347).

HB 2582 - AN ACT concerning wildlife and parks; relating to the Kansas wildlife and parks commission; increasing the membership of the Kansas wildlife and parks commission from seven to nine; granting membership appointment authority to multiple state officers; providing certain requirements for the members of such commission; amending K.S.A. 2023 Supp. 32-805 and repealing the existing section

SB 347, AN ACT concerning wildlife and parks; relating to the wildlife and parks commission; abolishing the existing commission; creating a new Kansas wildlife and parks commission; granting appointment authority to multiple state officers; authorizing the election of the chairperson thereof; requiring senate confirmation of appointees thereto; amending K.S.A. 2023 Supp. 32-805 and repealing the existing section.

District Represenative County Phone Email
1Sen. Dennis Pyle (R)Brown785-296-7379[email protected]
2Sen. Marci Francisco (D)Douglas785-296-7364[email protected]
3Sen. Tom Holland (D)Douglas785-296-7372[email protected]
4Sen. David Haley (D)Wyandotte785-296-7376[email protected]
5Sen. Jeff Pittman (D)Leavenworth785-296-7522[email protected]
6Sen. Pat Pettey (D)Wyandotte785-296-7375[email protected]
7Sen. Ethan Corson (D)Johnson785-296-7390[email protected]
8Sen. Cindy Holscher (D)Johnson785-296-7659[email protected]
9Sen. Beverly Gossage (R)Douglas785-296-7382[email protected]
10Sen. Mike Thompson (R)Johnson785-296-7362[email protected]
11Sen. Kellie Warren (R)Johnson785-296-7646[email protected]
12Sen. Caryn Tyson (R)Anderson785-296-6838[email protected]
13Sen. Tim Shallenburger (R)Cherokee785-296-7370[email protected]
14Sen. Michael Fagg (R)Butler785-296-7678[email protected]
15Sen. Virgil Peck, Jr. (R)Chautauqua785-296-7742[email protected]
16Sen. Ty Masterson (R)Butler785-296-2419[email protected]
17Sen. Jeff Longbine (R)Lyon785-296-7367[email protected]
18Sen. Kristen O'Shea (R)Shawnee785-296-7656[email protected]
19Sen. Rick Kloos (R)Douglas785-296-7645[email protected]
20Sen. Brenda Dietrich (R)Shawnee785-296-7648[email protected]
21Sen. Dinah Sykes (D)Johnson785-296-3245[email protected]
22Sen. Usha Reddi (D)Pottawatomie785-296-7360[email protected]
23Sen. Robert Olson (R)Johnson785-296-7358[email protected]
24Sen. J.R. Claeys (R)Ottawa785-296-7670[email protected]
25Sen. Mary Ware (D)Sedgwick785-296-7391[email protected]
26Sen. Dan Kerschen (R)Sedgwick785-296-7353[email protected]
27Sen. Chase Blasi (R)Sedgwick785-296-7394[email protected]
28Sen. Mike Petersen (R)Sedgwick785-296-7355[email protected]
29Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau (D)Sedgwick785-296-7387[email protected]
30Sen. Renee Erickson (R)Sedgwick785-296-7476[email protected]
31Sen. Carolyn McGinn (R)Harvey785-296-7377[email protected]
32Sen. Larry Alley (R)Cowley785-296-2497[email protected]
33Sen. Alicia Straub (R)Barton785-296-7682[email protected]
34Sen. Mark Steffen (R)Reno785-296-6981[email protected]
35Sen. Rick Wilborn (R)Mcpherson785-296-7361[email protected]
36Sen. Elaine Bowers (R)Cloud785-296-7389[email protected]
37Sen. Molly Baumgardner (R)Miami785-296-7368[email protected]
38Sen. Ronald Ryckman (R)Meade785-296-7359[email protected]
39Sen. John Doll (R)Finney785-296-7694[email protected]
40Sen. Rick Billinger (R)Cheyenne785-296-7399[email protected]
District Represenative County Phone Email
1Rep. Michael Houser (R)Cherokee785-296-7679[email protected]
2Rep. Kenneth Collins (R)Crawford785-296-7698[email protected]
3Rep. Chuck Smith (R)Crawford785-296-7426[email protected]
4Rep. Trevor Jacobs (R)Bourbon785-296-7616[email protected]
5Rep. Carrie Barth (R)Douglas785-296-6287[email protected]
6Rep. Samantha Poetter Parshall (R)Miami785-296-7748[email protected]
7Rep. Dan Goddard (R)Labette785-296-7639[email protected]
8Rep. Chris Croft (R)Johnson785-296-7662[email protected]
9Rep. Fred Gardner (R)Anderson785-296-7451[email protected]
10Rep. Christina Haswood (D)Douglas785-296-7652[email protected]
11Rep. Ron Bryce (R)Montgomery785-296-6014[email protected]
12Rep. Doug Blex (R)Montgomery785-296-5863[email protected]
13Rep. Duane Droge (R)Greenwood785-296-7380[email protected]
14Rep. Dennis Miller (D)Johnson785-296-7688[email protected]
15Rep. Allison Hougland (D)Johnson785-296-7658[email protected]
16Rep. Linda Featherston (D)Johnson785-296-7354[email protected]
17Rep. Jo Ella Hoye (D)Johnson785-296-7331[email protected]
18Rep. Cindy Neighbor (D)Johnson785-296-7690[email protected]
19Rep. Stephanie Sawyer Clayton (D)Johnson785-296-7548[email protected]
20Rep. Mari-Lynn Poskin (D)Johnson785-296-7436[email protected]
21Rep. Jerry Stogsdill (D)Johnson785-296-7692[email protected]
22Rep. Lindsay Vaughn (D)Johnson785-296-8503[email protected]
23Rep. Susan Ruiz (D)Johnson785-296-7482[email protected]
24Rep. Jarrod Ousley (D)Johnson785-296-7366[email protected]
25Rep. Rui Xu (D)Johnson785-296-7686[email protected]
26Rep. Adam Thomas (R)Johnson785-296-3113[email protected]
27Rep. Sean Tarwater (R)Johnson785-296-7685[email protected]
28Rep. Carl Turner (R)Johnson785-296-7301[email protected]
29Rep. Heather Meyer (D)Johnson785-296-5413[email protected]
30Rep. Laura Williams (R)Johnson785-296-7696[email protected]
31Rep. Louis Ruiz (D)Wyandotte785-296-7885[email protected]
32Rep. Pam Curtis (D)Wyandotte785-296-7430[email protected]
33Rep. Mike Thompson (R)Wyandotte785-296-8153[email protected]
34Rep. Valdenia Winn (D)Wyandotte785-296-7630[email protected]
35Rep. Marvin Robinson (D)Wyandotte785-296-8763[email protected]
36Rep. Lynn Melton (D)Wyandotte785-296-0424[email protected]
37Rep. Melissa Oropeza (D)Wyandotte785-296-7300[email protected]
38Rep. Timothy Johnson (R)Leavenworth785-296-7677[email protected]
39Rep. Owen Donohoe (R)Johnson785-296-7675[email protected]
40Rep. David Buehler (R)Leavenworth785-296-7653[email protected]
41Rep. Pat Proctor (R)Leavenworth785-296-7357[email protected]
42Rep. Lance W. Neelly (R)Leavenworth785-296-7683[email protected]
43Rep. Bill Sutton (R)Johnson785-296-7676[email protected]
44Rep. Barbara Ballard (D)Douglas785-296-7697[email protected]
45Rep. Mike Amyx (D)Douglas785-296-7632[email protected]
46Rep. Dennis "Boog" Highberger (D)Douglas785-296-7122[email protected]
47Rep. Ronald Ellis (R)Jefferson785-296-5623[email protected]
48Rep. Dan Osman (D)Johnson785-296-7680[email protected]
49Rep. Nikki McDonald (D)Johnson785--296-7655[email protected]
50Rep. Kyle McNorton (R)Shawnee785-296-7460[email protected]
51Rep. Kenny Titus (R)Riley785-296-7310[email protected]
52Rep. Jesse Borjon (R)Shawnee785-296-7374[email protected]
53Rep. Kirk Haskins (D)Shawnee785-296-7673[email protected]
54Rep. Ken Corbet (R)Shawnee785-296-7679[email protected]
55Rep. Tobias Schlingensiepen (D)Shawnee785-296-7669[email protected]
56Rep. Virgil Weigel (D)Shawnee785-296-7104[email protected]
57Rep. John Alcala (D)Shawnee785-296-7371[email protected]
58Rep. Vic Miller (D)Shawnee785-296-7630[email protected]
59Rep. Rebecca Schmoe (R)Franklin785-296-7365[email protected]
60Rep. Mark Schreiber (R)Lyon785-296-2721[email protected]
61Rep. Francis Awerkamp (R)Pottawatomie785-296-6989[email protected]
62Rep. Randy Garber (R)Nemaha785-296-7665[email protected]
63Rep. John Eplee (R)Atchison785-296-8621[email protected]
64Rep. Lewis "Bill" Bloom (R)Clay785-296-7654[email protected]
65Rep. Jeff Underhill (R)Geary785-296-7483[email protected]
66Rep. Sydney Carlin (D)Riley785-296-7657[email protected]
67Rep. Michael Dodson (R)Riley785-296-7402[email protected]
68Rep. Nathan Butler (R)Geary785-296-6997[email protected]
69Rep. Clarke Sanders (R)Saline785-296-7369[email protected]
70Rep. Scott Hill (R)Dickinson785-296-7674[email protected]
71Rep. Steven K. Howe (R)Saline785-296-7642[email protected]
72Rep. Avery Anderson (R)Harvey785-296-2361[email protected]
73Rep. Les Mason (R)McPherson785-296-7640[email protected]
74Rep. Stephen Owens (R)Harvey785-296-7500[email protected]
75Rep. Will Carpenter (R)Butler785-296-7660[email protected]
76Rep. Eric Smith (R)Coffey785-296-7557[email protected]
77Rep. Kristey Williams (R)Butler785-296-3971[email protected]
78Rep. Robyn R. Essex (R)Johnson785-296-7385[email protected]
79Rep. Webster T. Roth (R)Cowley785-296-7691[email protected]
80Rep. Bill Rhiley (R)Sumner785-296-7671[email protected]
81Rep. Blake Carpenter (R)Sedgwick785-291-3500[email protected]
82Rep. Leah Howell (R)Sedgwick785-296-7693[email protected]
83Rep. Henry Helgerson (D)Sedgwick785-296-7668[email protected]
84Rep. Ford Carr (D)Sedgwick785-296-7649[email protected]
85Rep. Patrick Penn (R)Sedgwick785-296-7473[email protected]
86Rep. Silas Miller (D)Sedgwick785-296-7631[email protected]
87Rep. Susan Estes (R)Sedgwick785-296-7388[email protected]
88Rep. Sandy Pickert (R)Sedgwick785-296-5016[email protected]
89Rep. KC Ohaebosim (D)Sedgwick785-296-7684[email protected]
90Rep. Carl Maughan (R)Sedgwick785-296-1754[email protected]
91Rep. Emil Bergquist (R)Sedgwick785-296-7681[email protected]
92Rep. John Carmichael (D)Sedgwick785-296-7650[email protected]
93Rep. Brian Bergkamp (R)Sedgwick785-296-1177[email protected]
94Rep. Leo Delperdang (R)Sedgwick785-296-7663[email protected]
95Rep. Tom Sawyer (D)Sedgwick785-296-7567[email protected]
96Rep. Tom Kessler (R)Sedgwick785-296-8610[email protected]
97Rep. Nick Hoheisel (R)Sedgwick785-296-7689[email protected]
98Rep. Cyndi Howerton (R)Sedgwick785-296-7468[email protected]
99Rep. Susan Humphries (R)Sedgwick785-296-7699[email protected]
100Rep. Daniel Hawkins (R)Sedgwick785-296-2302[email protected]
101Rep. Joe Seiwert (R)Reno785-296-7647[email protected]
102Rep. Jason Probst (D)Reno785-296-7695[email protected]
103Rep. Angela Martinez (D)Sedgwick785-296-7651[email protected]
104Rep. Paul Waggoner (R)Reno785-296-7196[email protected]
105Rep. Brenda Landwehr (R)Sedgwick785-296-7488[email protected]
106Rep. Lisa Moser (R)Pottawatomie785-296-7637[email protected]
107Rep. Susan Concannon (R)Mitchell785-296-7644[email protected]
108Rep. Brandon Woodard (D)Johnson785-296-5593[email protected]
109Rep. Troy Waymaster (R)Russell785-296-7672[email protected]
110Rep. Ken Rahjes (R)Phillips785-296-7463[email protected]
111Rep. Barb Wasinger (R)Ellis785-296-4683[email protected]
112Rep. Tory Marie Blew (R)Barton785-296-7363[email protected]
113Rep. Brett Fairchild (R)Stafford785-296-7667[email protected]
114Rep. Michael Murphy (R)Reno785-296-7105[email protected]
115Rep. Gary White (R)Clark785-296-7392[email protected]
116Rep. Kyle Hoffman (R)Comanche785-296-7643[email protected]
117Rep. Adam Turk (R)Johnson785-296-7396[email protected]
118Rep. Jim Minnix (R)Scott785-296-7384[email protected]
119Rep. Jason W. Goetz (R)Ford785-296-7501[email protected]
120Rep. Adam Smith (R)Wallace785-296-0715[email protected]
121Rep. John Resman (R)Johnson785-296-7636[email protected]
122Rep. Bill Clifford (R)Finney785-296-7447[email protected]
123Rep. Bob Lewis (R)Finney785-296-7461[email protected]
124Rep. David Younger (R)Grant785-296-7641[email protected]
125Rep. Shannon Francis (R)Seward785-296-7466[email protected]

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