Keith Mark's Tales from Wheat Creek

“Tales From Wheat Creek,” is an old fashioned series of stories involving faith, family, friends and hunting. These tales are inspired by the author’s lifetime of experiences including his upbringing, faith, family, as well as his experiences in the outdoors, the world of entertainment, business, and much more.  Sometimes it may be hard for the reader to separate fact from fiction, but that is part of what makes these stories so special.

A Great Florida Hunting Story

A Great Florida Hunting Story (With a sad ending) I love the way our hunting traditions get passed down from generation to generation.  That's how it happened in my life.  Both of my Grandfathers hunted.  My Dad and all of my Uncles hunted.  I started hunting at a very early age, myself.  Some of my greatest memories are of hunts ...
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An Old Hunting Story – Part 2

For an entire week, all I could think about was John and his amazing story.  When I told my wife that I wasn't hunting the following Saturday, but instead, would be going back to the Wheat Creek Golden Age facility, she chuckled out loud.  She said, "The old guy must have made quite an impression on you!"  In truth, he ...
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An Old Hunting Story – Part 1

As a New Year's resolution, my wife and I decided that we would volunteer to spend a few hours a month at a local assisted living facility in our small town of Wheat Creek.  I thought it was a good idea until she said that our first day would be the next Saturday.  "Saturday?" I asked.  "The geese are really ...
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Teach them Right

It happened so fast that all I could do was act instinctively.  As I came around the corner into the dimly lit alley, I saw my partner kneeling over a teenage-looking boy, who appeared to be injured.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a hooded figure moving out of the shadows toward my partner and the fallen ...
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Welcome 2022 A bowhunter’s resolutions!

As I head into a New Year, I always look back to assess what I did right and where I missed the Mark.  (Pun intended!)  Also, like most of us, I try to make some realistic resolutions that I can, and will, live up to.  This year is no different.  This is my peek back at 2021, and my resolutions ...
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I was only eleven years old when I first met Mr. Barnes.  Mom and Dad had just bought the farm in Wheat Creek, and he owned the farm just west of us. He was the first person I met after we moved in, and although that was more than fifty-years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday. The opportunity ...
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Keith Mark

The author, Keith Mark, is the founder of Hunter Nation.  He is a lifelong hunter who hosted a national TV series, “MacMillan River Adventures” on Outdoor Channel for over a decade.  Currently, Keith is the anchor of a new, nightly program featuring Ted Nugent called, “The Nightly Nuge.”  “TNN” is a short, daily news-style show that allows Ted and Keith to discuss current news topics, that can be found wherever you listen to your podcasts. Keith also hosts his own weekly podcast, “Right on the Mark,” and can be seen hosting “Great American Tales,” also on Outdoor Channel.  He is an outfitter and has hunted all over North America and around the world.  His hunting adventures have included near death experiences when he was charged by moose, elephants, a bear and buffalo. He’s nearly drowned, nearly froze to death, escaped a forest fire and a plane crash landing. He was a track star, valedictorian of his high school class, is a practicing lawyer, champion for blue collar workers, a published author, a husband to Jeanne for over thirty-five years, the father of three and the grandfather of three.  He’s a vocal supporter of the US military, law enforcement, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.    

Keith hopes that his stories may make you smile, laugh, shed a tear, and possibly inspire action.  But most of all, Keith just hopes that you enjoy his “Tales From Wheat Creek!”