Educating hunters and the general public on the real impact of hunting on local and national economies.

Like any demographic, hunters must be targeted effectively and motivated uniquely. Shockingly, millions of hunters in America simply DO NOT VOTE! In 2020, we designed a successful engagement infrastructure, tested that engagement and messaging strategy, and honed in on the most effective methods to mobilize the hunters.

Messengers matter, and a critical component to Hunter Nation’s engagement strategy is leveraging the voices of “outdoors celebrities” such as Ted Nugent, Michael Waddel, and Craig Morgan—to name just a few—that combine for over 50 million social media impressions.

Through their shows, brands, and appearances these celebrities have been well-known and respected voices among hunters for years—making them uniquely qualified to connect with a hunter audience. Targeting hunters with messaging focused on the importance of civic engagement and the impact they can have on defending their outdoor lifestyle has proven successful in mobilizing the low-propensity hunter demographic to be more involved in our nation’s most pressing issues.

We focus our strategy and efforts around four key capabilities:

  • Leveraging Hunting Celebrities
  • Run compelling ads and targeted social media posts
  • Conducting mass phone calls
  • Mass-send text messaging

Using these combined messaging and engagement capabilities, hunters are empowered with materials to educate them on what is happening in their communities, at the state level, and in Washington DC. This guide, if you will, serves as a focal point of our programming geared towards written communication to a long overlooked population of freedom loving Americans who just need a guide to the US policy making process and system as a whole.