ACTION ALERT! We, the undersigned organizations, representing millions of American hunters, anglers and conservationists who utilize public lands for hunting and fishing, ask you to please keep these lands open to the public. Now, more than ever, Americans need to have the ability to access these lands for a variety of reasons, including hunting and fishing to provide food for their families. Access to non-developed public lands and recreational areas during this crisis is essential.
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ACTION ALERT! Hunter Nation supports Senate Bill 3140 "American Wild Game and Livestock Protection Act" and the Delisting of the Gray Wolf from under the Endangered Species Act of 1973. Please take a moment and share your support. READ MORE

God, Family, Country, Hunting and the Outdoor Lifestyle

Why Hunter Nation?

​American hunters have been hunting since before our Great Nation was formed.  In fact, it was the woodsmanship and shooting skills of those early Americans that tipped the scales in the Revolutionary War which led to America’s Independence!  Since the beginning, hunting has put food on our table and allowed us to enjoy God’s great outdoors with our family and friends.

Unfortunately, hunting, which was once an honored and respected tradition in America, is under attack by the those who want to destroy our way of life.

These are the same people that want to take our guns, that mock our faith in God, that want open borders and want to destroy the very moral fabric of America. Well, we as proud American hunters will not let that happen!  That is exactly why we have joined together to form Hunter Nation!  Just like our Nation's earliest patriots, we ask you to unite and join Hunter Nation to help defend our Traditional American Values.

Nature Heals-Pandemic 2020

by Ted Nugent Global Chinese Virus Pandemic self-quarantine day 20, and all is well. Well, maybe not all is actually all that well, but for those of us smart enough to have learned inescapable lessons from the past, as well as can be expected. We certainly understand the suffering of our fellow man, especially those…
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Congrats to Harold Biggs from Maryland

Ted Nugent 2020 Michigan Whitetail Deer HUNT WINNER


Support of All Legal Hunting Methods

Messages from Mark
October 2019

We need you to be a HUNTER NATION leader in your local area.

Our Hunting Heritage and Hunting Lifestyle is under attack! Hunter Nation is looking for passionate individuals who support our Traditional American Values to step forward and lead our efforts in your state and local area. We need a select group of dedicated volunteers who will be our eyes and ears in your area to keep us informed of local issues that will directly impact the American hunter.  Also, Hunter Nation will be hosting events and rallies in every state so these same leaders will need to help with the planning and execution of these special events.

Hunter Nation supports the 48 State wolf delisting rule

Support of All Legal Hunting Methods



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