Our Hunting Heritage and Hunting Lifestyle is under attack! Hunter Nation is looking for passionate individuals who support our Traditional American Values to step forward and lead our efforts in your state and local area. We need a select group of dedicated volunteers who will be our eyes and ears in your area to keep us informed of local issues that will directly impact the American hunter.  Also, Hunter Nation will be hosting events and rallies in every state so these same leaders will need to help with the planning and execution of these special events.

As you can see, this is a big job and more than any single person could accomplish. So, we will encourage and assist our leaders to start building their own grass roots army with their friends and neighbors who hunt or support the Traditional American Values that we know are under attack.

Hunter Nation is committed to being the “United Voice for All Hunters.”  We began as a dedicated group of volunteers with this common vision. Many of our founders are celebrities and prominent business leaders who have put their reputations on the line to help make sure the American hunter, and all of us who believe that America is the greatest nation, has a voice at all levels of government.  This is a critical time in the history of our nation and if our Traditional American Values are to be preserved, like-minded patriots must come together as part of one Hunter Nation and fight to defend them.

Hunter Nation CEO, Mark DeYoung announced today the addition of Luke Hilgemann to the staff of Hunter Nation as a Senior Vice President.

“I am very pleased that Luke has chosen to join Hunter Nation” said Hunter Nation’s CEO Mark DeYoung. “Having served as the CEO of a large grassroots focused organization, Luke understands how to grow and operate a successful nonprofit at both the state and national level. He will help us expand the influence of hunters and that of Hunter Nation as we fight to protect our country’s proud hunting heritage.”


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Why Hunter Nation?

​American hunters have been hunting since before our Great Nation was formed.  In fact, it was the woodsmanship and shooting skills of those early Americans that tipped the scales in the Revolutionary War which led to America’s Independence!  Since the beginning, hunting has put food on our table and allowed us to enjoy God’s great outdoors with our family and friends.

Unfortunately, hunting, which was once an honored and respected tradition in America, is under attack by the Left who wants to destroy our way of life.

These are the same people that want to take our guns, that mock our faith in God, that want open borders and want to destroy the very moral fabric of America. Well, we as proud American hunters will not let that happen!  That is exactly why we have joined together to form Hunter Nation!  Just like our Nation's earliest patriots, we ask you to unite and join Hunter Nation to help defend our Traditional American Values.

Stay Up to Date with Developments at Hunter Nation

Stay Up to Date with Developments at Hunter Nation