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Why Hunter Nation?

​American hunters have been hunting since before our Great Nation was formed.  In fact, it was the woodsmanship and shooting skills of those early Americans that tipped the scales in the Revolutionary War which led to America’s Independence!  Since the beginning, hunting has put food on our table and allowed us to enjoy God’s great outdoors with our family and friends.

Unfortunately, hunting, which was once an honored and respected tradition in America, is under attack by the Left who wants to destroy our way of life.

These are the same people that want to take our guns, that mock our faith in God, that want open borders and want to destroy the very moral fabric of America. Well, we as proud American hunters will not let that happen!  That is exactly why we have joined together to form Hunter Nation!  Just like our Nation's earliest patriots, we ask you to unite and join Hunter Nation to help defend our Traditional American Values.

Hunter Nation Announces Mark DeYoung as CEO

March 4, 2019


Hunter Nation, non-profit organization committed to wildlife conservation, multi-use public lands, and educating State and National legislators on the vital role hunting plays in our Nation’s wildlife management and conservation systems, has selected Mark DeYoung as CEO.

“Mark is a proven and respected leader within the shooting sports, outdoor recreation, and conservation communities,” said Keith Mark, Co-Founder of Hunter Nation. “In addition to creating and leading one of the largest outdoor companies, he also served as Chairman of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation and Chairman of the Wildlife Management Institute. Mark also served on the board of the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the board of the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturing Institute. We are very pleased that he has agreed to lead Hunter Nation.” READ MORE

Stay Up to Date with Developments at Hunter Nation

Stay Up to Date with Developments at Hunter Nation