Episode 32 featuring featuring Jay Pinsky

Jay Pinsky is an avid hunter, a retired Navy veteran and a prolific outdoor writer who is concerned about anti-hunting organizations and their efforts to eliminate hunting. Jay recently wrote an article that challenged hunters to learn the lessons taught in the book, “The Art Of War” by Sun Tzu.

Episode 31 featuring featuring Bows 4 Badges

This week our host, Keith Mark welcomes Leisa Moses and Bobby Jensen from Bows4Badges. Bows4Badges is a non-profit organization that provides hunting, fishing and other outdoor experiences for the children of fallen police, fire and EMS heroes. Bobby and Leisa live in the Minneapolis area and saw the rioting in the streets and the movement to “defund” the police. Both were raised hunting and Leisa’s dad with a cop for 40 years so when they decided to start helping kids of fallen heroes, Bows4Badges was a natural answer to the obvious need. More information at Bows4Badges.org

Episode 28-30 featuring John Bolin - Law Enforcement and ASPCA Investigator

John Bolin has worn many hats in law enforcement over his long career and most recently worked for the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) as an “investigator”. John shares that he did no investigating and was merely hired to gain credibility for the ASCPCA as they reached out to local police and sheriff offices to “help” them deal with issue involving “animal cruelty” as they define it. His experience taught him they were using local and federal law enforcement to assist their efforts to end hunting and farming and ranching operations.

Episode 26 & 27 featuring Dr. Jennifer Chatfield - The Left is currently proposing several rules and regulations to ban the international import of wild mammals

The Left is currently proposing several rules and regulations to ban the international import of wild mammals and birds under the guise of protecting America from the “next pandemic”. Keith Mark knows it’s an effort to eliminate international hunting. This episode’s guest knows any such ban won’t prevent a pandemic and she has the facts and data to prove it.

Episode 25 featuring Pennsylvania State Senators Brewster and Laughlin lead the way in hunting reform.

This week, our host Keith Mark, was on the road in Madison, WI where he addressed that state’s legislature regarding hunting reform. Immediately after, we recorded this podcast with two state Senators from Pennsylvania who are leading the charge to eliminate a 100-year-old plus ban on Sunday hunting. They also discuss a bill that would automate and simplify the sale of antlerless deer tags in the state. One senator is a Democrat and the other is a Republican but together they demonstrate how hunting can bring parties together and be a unifying force in America.

State senators Jim Brewster and Dan Laughlin join Right On The Mark to discuss why they want to see these changes made for the betterment of hunting and their home state of Pennsylvania.

Episode 24 with John Bergman (aka Jimmy Big Time)

John Bergman, aka Jimmy Big Time, joins our host, Keith Mark and they discuss their shared memories from years of producing and hosting years of television programming on Outdoor Channel. They discuss what life is like after TV and how raising the next generation of hunters is so enjoyable. John’s alter-ego concept, Jimmy Big Time, was ahead of his time in the outdoor TV world but that life is behind him now. Or is it?

Episode 22 & 23 featuring Cuz Strickland

Episode 22 & 23 -  Two episodes with Cuz Strickland, Senior Vice President of Mossy Oak and host of the “Fist Full Of Dirt” podcast.

Outdoor legend, Cuz Strickland is one of the most approachable and genuine character in the world of hunting. Cuz and our host, Keith Mark, reminisce about how they met and trade stories of their times with Shawn Michaels. Cuz and Keith are both fans of the WWE so both were excited to meet Shawn at a Shot Show years ago.  Shawn went on to co-host  MacMillan River Adventures with Keith and Mossy Oak was a key sponsor.

Episode 20 & 21 featuring Chad Belding

Episode 20 &21 -  Two episodes with Chad Belding- Host of “The Fowl Life” on Outdoor Channel

This episode starts with a tornado warning siren blaring in the background as host, Keith Mark welcomes Chad Belding to the show and they share a warning of their own for the American hunter. Along with discussing problems facing hunters today, these two share hunting stories and great times with friends and family. Chad is best known for his expertise in all things waterfowl, and he shares some of his tricks of his success.

Chad explains how he went from owning a portable toilet business to founding and growing brand of outdoor products, Banded in 2008. From modest beginnings as a t-shirt business, to his own line of duck calls to over 4,000 product SKUs in the Banded brands family of products.

Episode 19 featuring Jordan Hoover and Richard P. Smith

Episode 18 featuring Gretchen Smith, Founder, Code Of Vets

Episode 17 featuring Kyle Crickenberger & Coyote Contests

Episode 14-16 featuring Val Geist

Episode 11 -13 featuring Michael Martin Murphey

Michael Martin Murphey is truly an iconic singer, songwriter and performer who lives a lifestyle we can all relate to. When he isn’t entertaining his legion of fans around the country and the world, he ranches, he hunts, and he donates time and money to preserve the Western culture.

He is also a good friend to ROTM’s host, Keith Mark and these two settle in for a series of conversations you don’t want to miss.

Episode 10 featuring John Wayne Walding

John Wayne Walding was born in Texas on the 4th of July and is about as patriotic a person as you will find. He grew hunting with his grandfather and the patience, fortitude and other skills he learned through hunting would eventually save his life and the lives of others around him.

Episode 9 featuring Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo

America’s favorite bow hunting couple, Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo join ROTM’s host, Keith Mark to share stories of the old archery shop, Archer’s Choice near downtown Chicago where they got their start with customers like Bo Jackson, Walter Payton, Kurt Russel and more. They also discuss challenges to the hunting lifestyles and their 20 plus years of hosting TV shows.

Episode 7 & 8 featuring Jana Waller

Jana Waller is an artist, television host and a conservationist She was born into a hunting family and was taken under her father’s wing at a young age. Her Skull Bound franchise has moved from cable broadcast to fully digital and continues to expand and reach new audiences. Despite an incredibly busy schedule of filming hunts, producing and supervising show production and making her signature beaded skulls, Jana finds time to reach out to young, aspiring hunters, especially girls, to help them start hunting.

Episode 5 & 6 featuring Mark "OZ" Geist

Episode 3 & 4 featuring Keith Warren