Litigating for the hunter's way of life in communities and state courtrooms throughout the nation.

Our organization’s litigation capabilities play a critical role in legal cases filed by hunters or on their behalf. This effort allows us to push back against anti-hunting groups who attempt to win in the courts when they cannot win in the legislature. This asset provides assurance legislative victories cannot be instantly challenged and overturned by anti-hunting, activist judges.

Currently, state-level policies limiting access to hunting are difficult to effectively change through legislation. Politicians are continuously refusing to support pro-hunting policies at the legislature, making it more difficult for hunting groups to push for reform. Therefore, a structured litigation strategy is needed to ensure hunter’s rights are defended and maintained in the courtroom, and legal action is taken when necessary.

Our litigation strategy has two primary components:

  • Model States - Policy and legal success in one state can be looked to for replication in other states. While state-level legal precedent may not cross state lines, they can serve as examples for legislators and judges to point to.
  • Solidifying the Right to Hunt - Currently, 23 states have established a “right to hunt and fish” in their state—with Utah being the most recent at the end of 2020. Our goal is to replicate the successful policies in these states to push for similar ones in others.