Hunter Nation is led by America's greatest Hunters and Patriots

Our Mission is to preserve and protect our nation’s hunting heritage and the traditions associated with hunting as a way of life. We are committed to unifying all hunters and creating a nationwide voice to defend our hunting rights. We support wildlife and habitat conservation, and we support ethical hunters in the legal pursuit of all game species of their choice.

Hunter Nation National Spokesperson - Ted Nugent


Hunter Nation & Hunter Nation Foundation
Board of Directors


Keith Mark

Outdoor Host - Founder and CEO of Hunter Nation
Hunter Nation Board of Directors
Hunter Nation Foundation Board of Directors

Keith Mark is a family man that has a deep passion for the outdoors and is the Founder of Hunter Nation. An attorney by trade, he hosted "MacMillan River Adventures" on Outdoor Channel for a decade.

Keith owns MRA Outfitters in the Yukon, and served in the US Department of the Interior during the Trump Administration.

He is the host of "Great American Tales", a television show that promotes Traditional American Values that has aired on the Outdoor Channel and Pursuit Channel. Keith currently hosts "The Nightly Nuge" with long time friend Ted Nugent.


Rock Bordelon

Entrepreneurial Visionary - Outdoor Host
Chairman of the Hunter Nation Board
Chairman of the Hunter Nation Foundation Board

Rock Bordelon epitomizes the fusion of entrepreneurship and healthcare leadership. As President and CEO of Allegiance Health Management (AHM), he champions patient care and community health, drawing from a background in nursing and facility management.

Raised in Louisiana, Rock's upbringing instilled resilience and a deep connection to the outdoors, where hunting and fishing weren't just hobbies but integral to family sustenance.

Rock's entrepreneurial spirit led The Bordelon Group to acquire a majority ownership stake in Pursuit Media and its assets. This move coincides with Pursuit Channel's 15th anniversary, marking a significant milestone in distributing outdoor content nationwide. Rock's leadership promises continued success for Pursuit brands, driven by his firsthand experience as Host for "On The Road Outdoors".

Despite his bustling schedule, Rock remains grounded in his roots, balancing professional pursuits with his love for the outdoors. His commitment to faith, family, fishing, hunting, and the outdoors serves as an inspiration to all who know him.

Hunter Nation Board Members


Kris Kobach

Kansas Attorney General and Former Kansas Secretary of State
Hunter Nation Board of Directors

Kris Kobach is an avid Hunter and a great husband and father. He is currently the Attorney General for the State of Kansas.

Kobach also served as a Secretary of State of Kansas. Kris has degrees from Harvard, Oxford and Yale. He is also a Hunter Nation board member and legal counsel.


Jim Liberatore

Former CEO Outdoor Sportsman Group
Hunter Nation Board of Directors

Jim Liberatore's is a distinguished media executive celebrated for steadfast commitment to conservative values, notably centered around God, Family, and Hunting. His leadership in promoting these principles has left a lasting impact on audiences and communities alike.

Serving as President and CEO of Outdoor Sportsman Group (OSG) from 2013 to 2021, he steered the company's strategic, operational, and creative vision, overseeing networks like Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, and World Fishing Network, alongside digital platforms such as MyOutdoorTV (MOTV).

Jim's leadership expanded OSG into a global outdoor platform, solidifying its status as a premier destination for outdoor entertainment.

His impact extended beyond OSG, as he also served on the Board of Directors for Major League Fishing. With over 25 years of industry expertise, he's demonstrated a consistent ability to build and grow successful cable network brands.

Prior to OSG, he served as President of SportsTime Ohio, and Speed Channel, where he orchestrated transformative initiatives.


Craig Morgan

Country Music Star and Army Veteran
Hunter Nation Board of Directors

"I am all in for Hunter Nation! It's a great group of American Hunters that love and cherish God, family, country, hunting, and conservation." - Craig Morgan

Over the years, Craig Morgan has come to think of his career like a house, hand built over time and resting on a firm foundation. Faithful Christian. Dedicated family man. Distinguished veteran of the US Army. Those are the pillars that have allowed the chart-topping singer, songwriter and live performer to add room after room to his house – now more like a sprawling mansion. But with God, Family, Country, his 2020 album for Broken Bow Records, the Nashville native admits it felt like he was putting on the final touches.

Hunter Nation Foundation Board Members


Mark "OZ" Geist

American Hero - Founder of Shadow Warriors Project
Hunter Nation Foundation Board of Directors

"Fellow Hunters: unfortunately, the wolf is at outdoor. United we can defend our hunting heritage!" - OZ

Mark "Oz" Geist stands as a true patriot, embodying the values of faith, family, and country throughout his distinguished career. Joining the United States Marine Corps in 1984, Geist served with unwavering dedication, exemplifying the principles of service and sacrifice. Throughout his military journey, he remained steadfast in his commitment to God, Family, and Country, guiding his actions on and off the battlefield.

Geist's profound dedication to his principles was put to the ultimate test during the harrowing events of September 11, 2012, in Benghazi, Libya. As a member of the Annex Security Team, he displayed unmatched courage and resilience in the face of adversity, helping to save the lives of more than 25 Americans during the deadly attack.

This extraordinary act of heroism was immortalized in the bestselling book "13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi," co-authored by Geist himself. His firsthand account offers a gripping narrative of the events that unfolded that fateful night, shedding light on the sacrifices made by him and his fellow team members.

Mark "Oz" Geist's legacy as a true patriot—a guardian of liberty and a beacon of hope—continues to inspire countless individuals around the world.


Donald Trump Jr

Executive Vice President of The Trump Organization
Hunter Nation Foundation Board of Directors

Donald J. Trump Jr. is an innovator and leader in today’s business world. As an Executive Vice President at The Trump Organization, Donald Jr. works to expand the company’s real estate, retail, commercial, hotel and golf interests. His extensive real estate development experience, rigorous education and inherent business sense add a level of detail and depth to the management of all current and future Trump projects.

Based out of Jupiter, Florida, Donald Jr. actively oversees The Trump Organization’s extensive property portfolio. He is involved in all aspects of the company’s development, from deal evaluation, analysis and pre-development planning to construction, branding, marketing, operations, sales and leasing.

Upon joining the Trump Organization in 2001, Donald Jr. initially worked at Trump Place, the historic West Side Yards redevelopment in New York City, one of the most ambitious and successful large scale development projects in Manhattan. The project spanned several blocks, featured 17 buildings, and created a new community. From there he went on to lead the development of Trump Park Avenue, a conversion of the landmark Hotel Delmonico to an ultra-luxury residential condominium on Park Avenue at East 59th Street, which has been a tremendous success.

Residing in Florida, Donald Jr. enjoys being an avid outdoorsman as well as a devoted father to his five wonderful children.


Denise Welker

CEO of Welker Flow Measurement Systems
Hunter Nation Foundation Board of Directors

Denise Welker, CEO of Welker Flow Measurement Systems, lives by strong family values and a deep love for outdoor adventures. With 46 years of marriage to Brian, 5 children, and 11 grandchildren, the Welkers cherish their unity amidst the wonders of God's outdoors.

Beyond her familial roles, Denise is a dedicated advocate for wildlife conservation and responsible hunting practices. Her involvement in organizations such as Safari Club International, the National Rifle Association, and various conservation groups highlights her active contribution to safeguarding the natural world. Through her engagement in initiatives promoting habitat preservation and ethical hunting, Denise ensures that future generations inherit a world teeming with biodiversity and adventure.

Denise's accolades, including the SCI Diana Award and the World Hunting Ring, testify to her exemplary dedication to the hunting community and conservation efforts. Moreover, her active participation in SCI's Women Go Hunting initiative (Chair) and Weatherby Award Committee underscores her ongoing commitment to shaping the future of outdoor recreation.

Ultimately, Denise Welker's story is one of passion, dedication, and stewardship. Denise and Brian’s commitment to the future of wildlife, conservation and hunting is one they are happy to be part of so their children, grandchildren and future generations can enjoy the wild, beautiful and exciting nature that is Gods creation.

Hunter Nation Advisory Board

Rock N' Roll Legends – Spirit of the Wild
Hunter Nation Advisory Board
Ted & Shemane Nugent are the spirit of Hunter Nation. Their passion for family, friends and wild game hunting along with a dedication to preserving America's great outdoor heritage for future generations is second to none.
Michael Waddell

Michael Waddell

Founder of Bone Collector
Hunter Nation Advisory Board
"Hunting is for everybody. If you're fat, skinny, gorgeous, not-so-gorgeous, rich, or poor you can enjoy hunting. Hunters all have the right and should promote hunting. God’s renewable resource is for everyone to enjoy."

Rob Keck - Legendary Conservationist

Director of conservation, Bass Pro Shops, and
chairman of the board, Wonders of Wildlife
Hunter Nation Advisory Board
If there is one person responsible for the incredible nationwide turkey restoration it would be Rob Keck. Rob continues to shocase his desire to support habitat work, forward-thinking legislation, and help citizens understand the vital role hunters play in the North American model of conservation.

Nic De Castro

Founder of LandTrust and Hunter Nation Advisory Board
Nic De Castro is an entrepreneur who's built technology companies in Silicon Valley & New York over the past decade. He’s now based in Bozeman, MT where he’s building LandTrust, a marketplace that enables sportsmen to book hunting trips on private lands across the US. Through LandTrust, Nic hopes to increase quality, private-land access for hunters and create a new, profitable revenue stream for rural landowners like farmers & ranchers to keep rural lands intact & in family hands

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Jason was passionate about the formation and success of Hunter Nation

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