What We Stand For

Abundant Herds and Flocks

Hunters are the best stewards of land and wildlife. Teddy Roosevelt understood that it was the conservation efforts of the American Hunter that would ensure that our national herds and flocks would continue to thrive. It takes management systems based on science and factual data, not emotion, to properly manage habitats and animal populations.

Hunter Nation will support conservation efforts that are based on sound conservation principles and management in order to ensure abundant herds and flocks. Hunter Nation understands that only with sound biologically based habitat and wildlife management can we ensure that hunting will thrive now and into the future.

Hunter Nation will restore Hunters to their rightful place as America’s truest conservationists and protectors of our herds, flocks, and fisheries in the minds of policymakers and the general public through effective public relations media campaigns.

Public Lands

Hunter Nation is committed to keeping our public lands public, and making sure they are open and accessible for multiple uses, including hunting. However, we will take this concept even further by working to ensure that habitat conditions on the hundreds of millions of acres of our Federal public lands are improved.

Many lands are covered with old decadent trees that lead to unnecessary wildfires. This dangerous condition exists because previous Administrations allowed land management policy to be dictated by certain environmental groups and decisions were made based on emotion not facts. Due to the election of President Trump, and the appointment of Ryan Zinke as the Secretary of the Interior, this failed policy has been scrapped and replaced with sound land and water management policy.

Hunter Nation will continue to support these improved policies, including large scale habitat restoration efforts which will reduce devastating fires, increase forage and allow for long term sustained healthy populations of elk, deer, moose, bighorn sheep, antelope, bison and mountain goats on our great public lands.

ESA Reform

Hunter Nation supports major Endangered Species Act reform. THE ESA has become the favored tool of anti-hunting groups to take wildlife and habitat restoration efforts away from the State Fish and Game Agencies, to the significant detriment of hunters and sportsmen. Anti-hunting groups use the Endangered Species Act as a weapon, tying decision making up in the courts for decades, to the detriment of animals and habitat.

More than $1 Billion Dollars per year are wasted in this orchestrated wasteful litigation that could have been spent on meaningful habitat restoration and game herd expansion. Hunter Nation says enough is enough! We will work with elected officials and support hunter friendly politicians like President Trump and Secretary Zinke to ensure biologically sound policies are formed and implemented.

Hunter Nation will work to ensure that it is State Fish and Game Agencies that control their own State's wildlife whenever possible. Some current ESA issues that Hunter Nation is monitoring and is involved in, includes issues regarding: wolves, grizzly bears, and the importation of International wildlife species. The larger Hunter Nation grows, the more powerful the Hunters voice becomes!

Wildlife Refuge Reform

There are tens of millions of acres of Federal Wildlife Refugees; many are in disrepair and are not operating as effectively as they should to produce abundant herds, flocks, and fisheries. Under Secretary Zinke's leadership, these refuges opened up more than 5 million acres of land across 38 states to hunting! This is the type of action Hunter Nation will continue to support.

Legislative Action

Hunter Nation is committed to support laws and policies that restore as much land and wildlife management authority back to State Fish and Game Agencies. This ensures that local sportsmen’s interests are considered and protected by experts in their own state and not some bureaucrat in Washington DC. We love these lands, water, and wildlife more than anyone. If hunters unite as one LARGE Hunter Nation we will become a powerful voice to effectuate pro-hunting policy and legislation both locally and nationally!