Our right to vote is a sacred one. Our ability as Americans to choose our leaders—and the direction of our country—must never be taken for granted.
Unfortunately, there are many principled and patriotic men and women—hunters—who are disengaged from our country’s democratic process. The truth is many American hunters do not vote.

Although they embrace foundational American values, hunters are not the strong voting segment many assume them to be. Many hunters only infrequently cast ballots in election years, while many more do not vote at all. Hunter Nation’s detailed election data backs up this unfortunate fact: there are hundreds of thousands of hunters sitting on the sidelines during elections. And an investment in finding these individuals to activate them is at the top of our list of priorities.

At a time where elections are often determined by razor-thin margins, engaging and activating these hunters to vote can likely play a determining role in election outcomes. Hunt The Vote is the only serious, focused effort to activate hundreds of thousands of hunters to vote their values in future elections.

We employ a unique strategy in our Hunt the Vote Program leveraging messengers who resonate with the American hunter demographic—voices they trust when they say, “It is time to show up and vote.” Combining compelling messengers with targeted online media, social media, and phone and text engagement, this strategy was tested, refined, and proven effective in 2020 and 2022 by Hunt the Vote’s efforts in those years.

Building on the success of Hunt the Vote’s 2020 and 2022 engagement and turnout, Hunt the Vote plans to engage millions of hunters who are new or low-propensity voters and activate over 500,000 in key states and districts across the country to vote their values in 2023, and the years to come. As infrequent voters or non-voters, these hunters are not expected by analysts and “experts” to cast a ballot, meaning these are hundreds of thousands of voters likely not captured in current polling who can be a real deciding-factor in election outcomes across the country.

Data confirms that hunters classified as “low-propensity voters” or “never voted” are unlikely to turn out to vote without targeted efforts to activate them on the issues of America’s outdoor heritage and our nation’s founding principles of freedom—all communicated by messengers they recognize and trust.