God Made a Hunter

by Ted Nugent & Keith Mark

In the beginning, God gave the world

everything it needed to survive and be happy, including the birds in the air and the animals on the earth.  But in order to show all of mankind how to utilize and protect those creatures, God made a Hunter.

To keep His people fed and clothed, God made a Hunter.

When certain skills were needed to protect us from enemies and wild beasts, God made a Hunter.

When the earliest Pilgrims first came to this continent and needed protection and food to survive, God made a Hunter.

When the time came for America to gain its independence, God made a Hunter.  It was the woodsmanship and the marksmanship of the American Hunter that allowed “We the People” to defeat the world’s most powerful army and become a free nation.

Every time since the Revolutionary War that America needed to be defended from foreign enemies, from the World Wars to the current conflicts in the Middle East, God made a Hunter.

It’s that same Hunter, that after sitting for days in the cold to harvest a deer to sustain his family through the winter, that will give half of the meat to the widow down the street so she can feed her children, too.

It’s the same Hunter who spends days hunting deer,  that will spend hours to set free the deer he finds tangled in a barbed-wire fence.

It’s the same Hunter that spends his hard-earned dollars on a box of shells to go duck hunting, that will round up to the nearest dollar to support conservation efforts to provide more refuges for waterfowl.

It’s the Hunter who sits all day in the cold without seeing a single animal, who when walking out of the woods says a prayer thanking God for such a wonderful day and for providing such a beautiful sunset.

And it’s the Hunter, who after working a double shift, still gets up to make sure his daughter or grandson doesn’t miss opening day of turkey season.

You see, when He needed someone to manage his wild critters and wild places, and someone who would pass on the ability to feed your family and follow sound conservation principles, God made a Hunter.

Since the birth of this great nation, every time something really important needed to be taken care of, God made a Hunter. And to date, the Hunter has never let God down.

Now the culture war rages on and all of our Traditional American Values, including our hunting lifestyle, are increasingly under attack. But this time, the attack isn’t from a foreign enemy, it’s from within. Today in this most critical time, with the future of our Great Nation in the balance, what did God do?

He made you, the Hunter. And it’s up to you the Hunter to do what we have always done, be true to God and protect our families, our country, our lifestyle and our traditional values by getting active, registering and voting.  If you the Hunter unify and vote God, Family, Country, and our Hunting Lifestyle, we will once again be the leaders God has Blessed and counted on since the beginning of time.

Stand up and be a freedom force to reckon with. No longer watch the enemy gain more and more power and momentum. Stand with your fellow American Hunters at HuntTheVote.org, sign the pledge, register to vote, and unleash the most powerful weapon ever known – Freedom!

Join Hunter Nation at HunterNation.org to be in the asset column for God, family, country, freedom and hunter's rights in America.

Ted Nugent, Rock N' Roll Legend – Spirit of the Wild - Hunter Nation Advisory Board



Ted Nugent is an award-winning musician and writer, with numerous best-seller books including “Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto,” “God, Guns and Rock ‘n Roll,” and “Kill It and Grill It.”  His enormously popular Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV show recently celebrated its 500th episode! For more news on his latest music, thoughts and projects—including the new Ted Nugent DangerZone podcast with Tim Wells—visit TedNugent.com

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