Hunter Nation Founder Offers Support for Crucial Deer Hunting Legislation in North Dakota

Biskark, ND – Hunter Nation founder Keith Mark submitted testimony today in support of a bill being considered by the North Dakota state legislature that would prohibit the state from banning the baiting of deer while hunting. The legislation, authored by state Rep. Paul Thomas, would effectively prevent unelected officials from imposing anti-sportsmen provisions on law-abiding deer hunters in the state.

“As the fastest-growing grassroots organization in the country dedicated to protecting the rights of hunters from coast to coast, it’s crucial that Hunter Nation step up and support this commonsense, pro-hunter bill in North Dakota,” said Mark. “Now is the time to advance this commonsense proposal that sends a clear message that deer hunters of the state will not be bullied by unelected, anti-hunting bureaucrats.”

House Bill 1511 would prevent the state’s game and fish department from adopting “a policy or practice prohibiting the baiting of deer for lawful hunting.” Currently before the House Committee of Energy and Natural Resources, the legislation is being considered by the committee chaired by State Rep. Todd Porter.

In his testimony submitted in support of HB 1511, Mark stressed the importance of recruiting new hunters to the sport – noting that a baiting ban could lead to a reduction in sales of hunting licenses. Mark also emphasized a ban on baiting runs counter to the state’s “Right to Hunt“ referenda, an amendment to North Dakota’s state constitution that was overwhelmingly supported by voters with 77% of the vote.

“It’s important that sportsmen and sportswomen continue to have a voice in the laws affecting our outdoor way of life,” Mark said. “By taking this authority out of the hands of unelected bureaucrats and placing it squarely upon those duly-elected by the people, we’re helping to maintain the voice of hunters in the policymaking process.”


The anti-hunting forces are back at it again! This time, our hunting brothers and sisters in North Dakota need our help.

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has moved to implement a completely over-the-top baiting ban in the state. Under these new restrictions, hunting land located along the Red River between Grand Forks and south of Fargo would be impacted. Worse yet – this ban even prohibits the use of scents!!

We can’t let them get their way this time!

Game & Fish department at 701-328-6300 or fill out a form telling them to reverse their ban on bait

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