Spring Has Sprung!

OK, I truly get this whole wonderful traditional springtime celebration of the season of renewal and all that wonderful four seasons of nature stuff, but I wonder if anyone actually celebrates it as enthusiastically as this old guitarplayer.

Avidity; noun- extreme eagerness or enthusiasm

Well, that not only identifies my approach to springtime, but to life itself!

So let us apply such zest for life at this special time of the year as it pertains to our beloved outdoor lifestyle, shall we.

As I type this little Nuge Spirit of the Wild ditty here, my hands are dirty and there is organic materiel under my fingernails.

I not only feel real good, I smell real good!

Nothing, and I do mean, nothing in life quite rejuvenates the mind, heart, body, spirit and soul quite like busting open the good earth with a disc and plow behind a diesel smoke belching tractor as we prepare the ground for wildlife foodplots and assorted spring planting.

Here in Texas such farming duties erupt as early as February when the weather permits, and by early March we have disced, plowed, planted and dragged all our tillable acreage for optimal wildlife habitat enhancement and support and overall agriculture production concerns.

The same exciting and stimulating tradition will be well underway on our Michigan family hunting grounds any week now, and no matter where you live in North America, such hands-on participation in the pulse of spring will cleanse the soul

The natural aroma of turned earth is nostril flaring heaven to me, and I can only pity the poor souls that have never taken part in such organic springtime rituals.

Checking my daily trapline, taking the dogs squirrel hunting, shooting crows, working on feeders, tidying up the deerblinds, tweaking watercrossings, trapping and killing hogs, feeding, catching and eating fresh fish, and of course the ultimate joys of fooling, ambushing, killing and eating wild turkeys is as springtime as springtime gets.

Another call of the springtime wild is the fun of shed hunting, as the discovery of a dropped antler can and will teach us much about the condition of our herds, the movement of late season bucks, and just the thrill of grabbing a fistful of the mystical headbone of the stags of our dreams.

Here in Texas, with wild hog populations exploding all over the state, and the proliferation of exotic big game species, continues year-round hunting is endless.

In just a few days I will head to South Texas to kill as many wild pigs as I possibly can with my M4 machinegun from a helicopter, providing thrills like no other and the best organic pork known to mankind.


Unrestricted slaughter of feral swine is insane fun, (especially with a machinegun!) creating a huge new revenue generating, family-hours of recreation industry, saves the environment, saves wildlife, saves agriculture, mitigates the spread of disease, and feeds nutritious, delicious protein to soup kitchens and homeless shelter charities all over the state.

I think this how Mother Theresa would have felt if she had a machinegun! Just sayin.

Of course we can’t forget the springtime insanity of bowfishing as the rough fish head to the warming shallows, and our archery marksmanship can be finely tuned for more mystical flight of the arrow fun.

Add to all this outdoor adventure is the opening of the spring mushroom hunting season where the elusive white and black morels await our sneaky grasp.

So don’t let this crazy world get you down or keep you from celebrating the joys of spring in the great outdoors. The fun is pretty much unlimited and now more than ever we need Mother Nature to provide us the perfect sanctuary she always does. Happy springtime everybody! Let’s get it on!


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  1. Diane MArtin on September 6, 2023 at 9:21 pm

    I saw you tonight on Newsmax, great interview. God Bless you for standing up for our great country!

  2. Susan Desando on April 10, 2024 at 11:20 am


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