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Hunter Nation members are hardworking patriots from all walks of life and backgrounds who are bound together by our hunting lifestyle, who are concerned about many critical issues facing our country today -- including the threat to our hunting heritage. We truly believe our success, really the future of America, will be determined by action of the American Hunters in all 50 states. Hunters have always been exceptional care takers of their families and maintained peace in their own backyards, but historically have not been active or vocal about their opinions of American politics and the leaders we have elected into office. However, it is these leaders who want to destroy our lifestyle and the America we love.

Today, we challenge the American Hunter to be vocal, be active, and become a participant in politics in their local communities. In order to do this, the first step is to commit to be part of something bigger than ourselves, by joining Hunter Nation. Together, an army of hunters, can accomplish anything. This includes having a positive impact on laws and regulations directly impacting our lifestyle and beliefs, and having a big say-so in who our elected officials are: from local school boards all the way up the ladder to the President of the United States. We challenge you to prove you are proud to be a hunter, and proud to be a patriot!

Lately, there have been a lot of people showing their pride for this, that or the other thing in American society. The time is now for hunters to step forward and say they are proud to be a hunter patriot 365 days a year. If you are not a Hunter Nation member already, please become a “Hunter Pride 365” member. If you are already a member, thank you, and please show your “Hunter Pride 365” by buying a shirt!

Hunter Nation was founded with the goal to be the united voice of the American hunter and to protect not only our hunting lifestyle and heritage, but all of our Traditional American Values. Join our 100s of members nationwide and tell us how you plan to show your Hunter Pride 365!

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