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I pen this article on my way home from Washington DC, our Nation’s capital. I was honored to be invited by John Stubbins to represent Hunter Nation, and speak at an event in northern Virginia alongside the likes of General Michael Flynn, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, former director of ICE, Tom Homan, etc. It was an incredible event, and it was uplifting to be in the room with such amazing patriots. I made many new friends as the room was filled with like-minded people who love this country. However, the trip to DC made me reflect on many things. The following are those reflections.

First, let me tell you how thankful I am to have been born in the heartland, in a patriotic Christian family where I learned right from wrong, the value of hard work, to be disciplined and self-reliant, to hunt, fish, shoot, and to steward and respect the gift of God’s wildlife and wild places. I’m thankful for my awesome wife, family, close loyal friends, and the fact we live in rural America.

Before I headed to DC, I stopped in the bakery and antique shop in our small town for a cup of coffee. The owners, who go to my church, are always so friendly. In fact, everyone that came into the bakery while I was there, were as nice and friendly as the people in Mayberry in the classic Andy Griffith television show. I’m not kidding! Everyone speaks to each other and I watched a high school age boy say “thank you, ma’am” when he was handed his cinnamon roll, and then watched him hold the door for a middle-aged man when he left. Everyone that came and went had a kind word for everyone they interacted with.

As I headed through town, down the country road that would take me to the highway leading to the airport, I saw parents standing with their children waiting for the school bus to pick them up. I passed my Catholic church where there was a sign out front proudly announcing that actor Jim Caviezel would be speaking there in the upcoming days. I saw American flags flying everywhere, along with “Don’t Tread on Me” flags, and yes, quite a few Trump flags. What I really saw was a true example of the heartland, the “We the People” that live there, and the values that they believe in.


Then, I landed in Washington DC!  No one acknowledged each other as they passed each other, and no one held doors for anyone.  Everyone was on their cell phones. I saw kids that I knew had never seen a farm field, wildlife of any kind, let alone hunted.  I’m sure none of them had chased fireflies or roasted marshmallows on a campfire. I couldn’t understand a word my taxicab driver said, and my heart sunk when I passed a mob of protestors flying Palestinian flags carrying signs that said, “Death to America.”  I closed my eyes and asked God, “How did our country come to this?”

Almost as quickly as I asked the question, I received the answer.  Believe it or not, I passed a billboard that simply said, “It’s up to you and Jesus is the answer!”  Truer words have never been spoken.  It has always been up to us, “We the People,” to accomplish great and small things with the help of our Lord God.  “We the People” took a stand against the tyranny of a king and fought the Revolutionary War, gaining our independence.  It was “We the People” who fought a civil war to eradicate the scourge of slavery and improve our Nation.  It was the greatest generation of “We the People” who fought and died on foreign soils to protect the freedoms that America stands for. It’s “We the People” who teach our children, protect our streets, and perform every job, big and small, that makes America great.

I reflected on the billboard message personally and recommitted to do my best to be the best “We the People” I can be.  I ask you to do the same.  For me that means to work harder with what I founded here at Hunter Nation.  To inform more kids and adults about the benefits of hunting, fishing, and the healing benefits of God’s great outdoors. To make sure more kids get introduced to our amazing outdoor lifestyle so they can enjoy the excitement of hunting, and the joy of chasing fireflies and roasting marshmallows.  This will be made possible by expanding Hunter Nation’s efforts with our hunter education programs.  To continue fighting for pro-hunting policy and laws like getting the gray wolf delisted so that states can manage this apex predator like they do all other wildlife in their state to maximize hunting opportunities.  To work harder with our Hunt the Vote program to educate and inform my fellow hunters just how important it is that they all get involved in the voting process if they want to preserve their hunting rights, as well as all the other Traditional American Values that we hold so dear.  And, I will continue to pray that God will help me message hunters in a way that they will understand how important it is, not only for the future of our country, but for the future of their families, that they get informed and participate in the voting process.

I ask all of you to reflect on what you can do to be the best “We the People” that you can be.  I ask you to consider becoming a member of Hunter Nation, the fastest growing grass roots army who is made of the best that “We the People” have to offer, and show your Hunter Pride 365!

I wish you and your family a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!  God Bless!


Keith Mark


Hunter Nation

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