Welcome 2022 A bowhunter’s resolutions!

As I head into a New Year, I always look back to assess what I did right and where I missed the Mark.  (Pun intended!)  Also, like most of us, I try to make some realistic resolutions that I can, and will, live up to.  This year is no different.  This is my peek back at 2021, and my resolutions for 2022.

Looking back, as the founder of Hunter Nation, I am extremely proud of how fast this grass roots organization has grown.  Hunters, fishermen and trappers are the very best representatives of “We the People” that America has to offer.  They stand for all our Traditional American Values, like God, Family, Patriotism, and our Hunting Lifestyle.  Although this group of real Americans are well versed on current events and certainly know right from wrong, data shows that, as a group, only about one half of all hunters participate in the voting process.  What that means is, when good people who support these Traditional American Values don’t vote, those that oppose what we stand for, pick our elected leaders.  Think about that for a second.  If those of us who support hunting, The Second Amendment and religious and individual freedoms don’t vote, those anti-hunting, atheist, gun grabbers pick the politicians that will eventually legislate our lifestyle (really, our country) into extinction.  It’s happening, right now, before our very eyes!

That is why, as I look back at 2021, I am proud of how well Hunter Nation has done to inform my fellow hunters about the importance of individual participation, and that when we unite, just how powerful hunters as a group can be.  This message is spreading quickly because Hunter Nation has been joined by some of the top names in the outdoor world including, Ted Nugent, Michael Waddell, Cuz Strickland, Craig Morgan, Donald Trump Jr., Chad Belding, and Ralph & Vicky Cianciarulo, to name just a few.

Also, as an organization, I’m proud of how Hunter Nation has stepped up to prove that it is the hunting organization that is willing to fight for hunters and pro-hunting policy and legislation. To read about all our policy victories, check out the rest of the Hunter Nation website.

In 2022, we need to add more celebrities to our growing list of influencers, and we must get more hunters, like you, to become members of Hunter Nation.  If we can simply inform hunters of what’s really going on in our Country and the devastating consequences of continued hunter apathy, there is no doubt that our Hunter Nation’s membership level will explode.  I can’t imagine there is one hunter out there that wouldn’t want to be part of an organization that has the chance to be the true difference maker in this current cultural war between good and evil.  In almost every State, there is a sufficient number of hunters, that if they would simply get informed, get organized, get active, and most importantly, get out and vote, hunters would control who is in a position to make the laws and policies that impact our lives from dog catcher and local school boards, to Congress and the President of the United States.

I promised to list my 2022 resolutions, and here they are.

  1. Pray and read my Bible more often.
  2. Never shy from expressing my Christian and political beliefs.
  3. Don’t let a day go by that I, not only tell, but show my family that I love them.
  4. Spoil the heck out of my soon-to-be-born grandson.
  5. Spend every day fighting to defend America and Her Traditional Values.
  6. Do something daily to support our military veterans, at least a “thank you!”
  7. Realize I founded HN to protect hunting, and it’s ok to take a break and hunt more!
  8. Become a mentor, and add one new hunter to our lifestyle in 2022.
  9. Share a hunting camp with Ted Nugent, Cuz Strickland, Michael Waddell and Donald Trump Jr.!  Imagine the stories around that campfire!?

Happy New Year and God Bless!


Keith Mark

Founder of Hunter Nation


  1. Chris Wickman on January 3, 2022 at 3:43 pm

    Hi Keith, I just found Hunter Nation. Thank you for this forum and the energy that can help all of us hunters and just those who have grown up whose parents or extended familys have been hunters or small family farmers. I am signing up today and just as another 2022 suggestions talk to our young grandchildren and bring them along as they love the ways of us who are lucky to have grandchildren. When I tell how we lived and took care of the land and others they get so excited. AND when a child’s bow or their first 22 is given to them and taught correct usage they change and the love they give me is unsurpassed. Thank you all

  2. Granny Jo Longendyke on January 6, 2022 at 3:31 pm

    I saw Ted Nugent on Tucker Carlson I think it was about two months ago. I appreciated the messages he gave about the spirit of your site. …..to stand up for their rights and the 2nd Amendment rights…. and so on. I don’t happen to be a hunter but am a member of the NRA and I’m glad you have this site and I hope your membership grows.

    I would love a T-shirt that says: ‘You Pearl Harbor me: I Nagasaki you!” and,
    “The best way to keep Peace is to be ready to destroy Evil!!!!”

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