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The Truth Behind the Coyote Populations and Hunting Contests

By Hunter Nation | June 25, 2021

Hunter Nation has directly engaged in an ongoing battle over whether or not predator calling competitions should continue in Virginia's Commonwealth.   This issue was an interesting one to me so I talked to our team on why this is such an important issue to the future of hunting and here's what I learned. Although…

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Uncle Ted – The Simple Things Are The Best Things

By Ted Nugent | June 24, 2021

A tin of sardines with saltine crackers on a cold fall afternoon around a warming campfire in the Yukon. A makeshift coniferous shelter from a cold rain on the banks of a babbling brook in Alaska. Buddies laughing and swapping stories at the buckpole on a family farm in November. Dragging a son's and/or daughter's…

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Hunter Nation at Texas Gun Experience

By Hunter Nation | June 16, 2021

Things got loud in Grapevine, TX, this past Thursday as the #19 NASCAR Camping World Series Truck rolled onto the parking lot of Texas Gun Experience. NASCAR driver Derek Kraus met with fans and signed autographs, with the #19 Hunter Nation Toyota Tundra and MHR hauler on display.  Kraus took time to explain to Hunter…

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Hunter Nation Welcomes New Intern, Cole Timmler

By Hunter Nation | June 15, 2021

Hello, my name is Cole Timmler.  I am a 17-year-old student-athlete that lives in Central Wisconsin and will be starting as an intern at Hunter Nation this week. I'll be working as an intern throughout this summer and into this coming school year. I was lucky enough to apply for a student-to-work program throughout my…

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Take Action: Virginia Proposed BAN on Predator Calling Competitions

By Hunter Nation | June 15, 2021

On May 27, 2021, the Virginia Board of Wildlife Resources, pursuant to §§ 29.1-103, 29.1-501, and 29.1-502 of the Code of Virginia proposed amendments to the Commonwealth's regulations governing hunting, trapping, and terrestrial wildlife. VA DWR Public Comments Here is an email text that you can send to voice your opposition to the Predator Calling…

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By Hunter Nation | June 1, 2021

Grassroots Advocacy Group Growing in Influence and Impact  Mission, Kansas (June 1, 2021) – Today Hunter Nation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting America's hunting heritage, announced the appointment of Chart Westcott and Tim Carnahan to the Hunter Nation Board of Directors. “The addition of Chart and Tim, two prominent business and philanthropic…

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Hunter Nation Fights Back Against Ban on Virginia Predator Calling Competitions

By Hunter Nation | May 28, 2021

Hunter Nation fights back against Virginia Department of Game's 11th hour Anti-Hunting Action For several months, Hunter Nation's team has been working with our members in the Commonwealth of Virginia to defeat an effort being pushed by HSUS and other national anti-hunting groups that would ban popular predator calling competitions. In March, the Virginia Board…

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Coyotes in Virginia

By Hunter Nation | May 11, 2021

Coyotes are found throughout Virginia, including in urban and suburban areas. Highly intelligent, strong and effective predators, the coyote population in the state is growing at an explosive rate. In fact, the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources stated “Coyote populations have exploded and completely spread across the entire state over the past two decades.” It…

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Fighting for Disabled Veteran’s Right To Hunt in Montana

By Hunter Nation | May 5, 2021

In April, Hunter Nation drove a long-stalled bill in Montana that would allow disabled individuals-including disabled veterans-to hunt with crossbows during regular bow season. The bill was essentially dead in committee and facing heated opposition by the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. Hunter Nation, our members, and our coalition with Montana Veterans Association moved the bill…

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Montana Representatives that supported SB111 expanding opportunities in the outdoors for disabled individuals

By Hunter Nation | April 28, 2021

Hunter Nation extends our gratitude to the 54 members of the Montana Legislature who stood with us yesterday in support of SB 111 that will provide equal access to the outdoors for disabled hunters including countless US veterans. We'd like to specifically thank Rep. Ed Buttrey, Majority Leader Sue Vinton, Rep. Johnathan Windy Boy, and…

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