Luke Hilgemann Joins Hunter Nation

Hunter Nation CEO, Mark DeYoung announced today the addition of Luke Hilgemann to the staff of Hunter Nation as a Senior Vice President.

“I am very pleased that Luke has chosen to join Hunter Nation” said Hunter Nation’s CEO Mark DeYoung. “Having served as the CEO of a large grassroots focused organization, Luke understands how to grow and operate a successful nonprofit at both the state and national level. He will help us expand the influence of hunters and that of Hunter Nation as we fight to protect our country’s proud hunting heritage.”

Keith Mark, Co-Founder of Hunter Nation said, “The addition of Luke to our impressive leadership team will go a long way to unifying the outdoor world. His experience and dedication to preserving our Traditional American Values combined with his proven leadership skills makes him perfect to help lead America’s fastest growing, grass-roots hunting/conservation army.”

DeYoung went on to say, “Luke is an avid hunter, a dedicated father and a successful businessman. He understands the vital role hunters play in funding and supporting our Nation’s wildlife conservation programs and he understand the importance of protecting Traditional American Values.

“I couldn't be more excited to join this dynamic team of passionate leaders who are committed to protecting and expanding our hunting heritage,” Hilgemann said. “I look forward to helping build Hunter Nation into the preeminent grassroots organization in the country fighting for God, Family, Country and the Outdoors.”

For more information, contact [email protected]

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