When The Going Gets Tough

by Ted Nugent

Well, well, well, what have we here, my fellow Americans in the roaring summer of 2020? Wouldn’t it just be peachy keen to continue our beautiful American Freedom Spirit Campfire here with your old Uncle Ted and discuss, debate, enjoy, ponder and celebrate the soul-cleansing lifestyle of deerhunting in honor of not just the title of this deeranddeerhunting.com spectacle, but the incredibly unique quality of life that this glorious, dare I say perfect lifestyle so gallantly provides us!

And that we shall!

I know a very critical and heartbreaking societal upheaval is exploding all around us in these crazy and dire times, and surely as Americans we dare not turn our backs on the clear and present dangers of the violence and destruction across our beloved country, but, and I emphasize but, we must be better than the vandals, arsonists, terrorists and rioters, and now more than ever conduct ourselves as the ultimate caring, loving, peaceful, down to earth law and order families we represent, not just in the hunting communities of America, but all those many millions of families who share our traditional American family values of God, family, country, freedom, conservation and brotherly love.

And to that end, I will share the balancing act I have learned and achieved over a lifetime of activism promoting and celebrating those principals, and though attacked and hated all these years for doing so, I remain resilient, determined, confident, positive and on course to stand firmly in the asset column of the United States of America.

She is worth it.

Last week I traveled from our home in Texas to the great Badger State of Wisconsin to take part in the very first authorized public gathering in Ringle to share the positive, patriotic battlecry of Huntthevote.org.

It will be the activism of great American families, best identified in the licensed hunting families of our country, to fire the most important and effective modern version of the Shot heard round the world!

Huntthevote.org is a 501C3 not for profit charitable organization simply created to galvanize likeminded Americans to be heard in the most powerful and meaningful way as Americans-by VOTING!

It is indeed every Americans single most effective shot at steering our great country back on her TruNorth compass setting by voting our traditional values of God, family, country, freedom.

We do not want to do battle in the streets. We will never destroy property or hurt people. We will never attack our fellow Americans in any way. And we do not have to. Instead we will vote to regain and retain all the glaringly self-evident truth based freedoms and qualities that make America not only the best place on earth to raise a family and pursue life, liberty and happiness, but the place where this glorious quality of individual liberty entices and lures people from all around the world who know in their hearts that America is the only place they can truly live free and accomplish their wildest dreams.

The Huntthevote.org rally in Ringle, Wisconsin was a wonderful success with thousands of hunting families and a whole bunch of non-hunting rock-n-roll families came to celebrate this unique American Dream, knowing that it is worth fighting for.

The statistics of how few hunters are actually registered and who actually vote are very disturbing.

At this time, hunters are not a force to reckon with in elections. And that translates into how candidates who do not support our values keep getting into policy making position, and that translates into all the ills our country faces.

It is that simple.

I know it’s only June, but The Nugents and everybody I know are hard at it preparing for the almighty huntseason 2020!

Foodplots are going in, scouting is taking place, fawns are being sighted and counted, trailcams are up and running, new stand site are being considered, placed and trimmed, and rangetime is increasing.

But way more important than all that and even the upcoming season itself, is our duty to secure future seasons, and future freedoms by investigating political candidates as to what they stand for, pushing our fellow hunters to register and vote for those candidates who stand with us on our belief system.

Backstraps and big bucks are wonderful, but securing the future of the America we love is far more important, and will ultimately determine if our kids and grandkids will even have the opportunities to enjoy what we often take for granted.

Pay attention to how our enemies are tearing down the foundation of our beliefs, and come to the realization that by simply voting for those who stand with us, we can stop the bleeding of Old Glory forever.

Please join us at Huntthevote.org to be a force to reckon with. We are worth it. America is worth it, and the future of our children and grandchildren is worth it. Freedom is worth it.

Join Hunter Nation at HunterNation.org to be in the asset column for God, family, country, freedom and hunter's rights in America.

Ted Nugent, Rock N' Roll Legend – Spirit of the Wild - Hunter Nation Advisory Board



Ted Nugent is an award-winning musician and writer, with numerous best-seller books including “Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto,” “God, Guns and Rock ‘n Roll,” and “Kill It and Grill It.”  His enormously popular Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV show recently celebrated its 500th episode! For more news on his latest music, thoughts and projects—including the new Ted Nugent DangerZone podcast with Tim Wells—visit TedNugent.com

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