Hunter Nation Ambassador of the Month: Ted Nugent

I was born in a hunting family in 1948, where everybody in Michigan was a hunter and many were discovering the great Fred Bear. So, the mystical flight of the arrow and fascination with wildlife was in my genes from day one. I was in a deer hunting camp at the age of 10 months in December of 1949.

I've never missed a season since. So, the spirit of the wild is part of my DNA. 

You know, that's like trying to choose my favorite guitar, my favorite gun, or my favorite dog or my favorite kid. They're all emblazoned on my memory bank, and I cherish them all.

But I think most importantly, those families that have reached out to the Nugent family when their loved ones are facing imminent death from a terminal disease. And we're able to share a campfire together, whether we killed anything or not, or we catch a fish or not, there is an uninhibited honesty and a spiritual invigoration that takes place around a campfire.

When a person knows it might be their last hunt, we're honored and humbled beyond measure to share those emotional times with those families, and what a connection that is to peek into the spiritual nature? of a young person about to leave this physical life. 

My favorite place to hunt. I'm looking at it right now, right across the field in that tree. My favorite place to hunt is at home because I like to sleep with Shemane and hug my dogs.  

Well, the American dream is pivotal on We The People guiding, directing and demanding accountable policy from accountable policymakers.

And when I discovered the embarrassing percentage of American hunting families, that don't vote, that are not registered to vote, I realized that their squawking and complaining about overregulation and the infringement on our Second Amendment was worse than those infringing on it, because we can fight back by waking up and doing a modicum of research on a candidate and making sure we vote God, family, country, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Ten Commandments, golden rule. has turned into the clearing house for getting America back on that true north compass setting that is unique in the history of mankind.

So, anybody out there that is not registered to vote, the enemies of America would like to thank you. Please join us at and be a "We The People” force to be reckoned with. 

Well, you know, I celebrate that these are the good old days of hunting, fishing and trapping because the fishing poles and the lures and the lines have never been better. The bows and the arrows and the sights and the guns and the ammo and the boots and the camo and the optics – everything is spectacular.

I’ve always surrounded myself with the best of the best for ultimate life liberty and pursuit of happiness in my great outdoors lifestyle. My Mathews bow is the best bow I've ever shot. The Gold Tip Arrows that I use are the best arrows I've ever shot. And I use the best binoculars, trailcams and laser rangefinders—all from Bushnell. My Remington Ammo has been part of my arsenal for more than 60 years. The Tank Blinds built right here in Texas are the best of the best.

Big Tine supplemental feed has proven to be the best and our Boss Buck Feeders keep the critters beefed up and happy.  I've believed in Mossy Oak forever. There are so many great, great products out there. I train on a regular basis with my handguns, rifles and shotguns–always with my Walker’s Game Ears on, and I love my NW Retention holsters.  I position my Muddy Tree Stands for advantageous ambushing. We butcher our game with Cold Steel knives. And at day’s end, Happy, Sadie and Coco head for their My Pillow dog beds.  Everyone needs to find those products that fit them and perform best for their individual needs, and the Nugent family certainly has.

But if you look at the Ted Nugent, Spirit of the Wild Gonzo Gear Bag every week, you'll see that I'm surrounded with the best of the best. And I salute and thank all those sponsors because I'm able to celebrate and promote conservation because of my sponsors’ support. 

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  1. Robert Leeds on April 8, 2022 at 5:56 pm

    Uncle Ted take me hunting

  2. Gary Johnston on April 17, 2022 at 12:04 pm

    Awesome interview with Gruber! I’ll be sure to mention that 50% of the hunters in Michigan, Don’t Vote! What a sad statistic.. All of us need to speak up! It’s time to prove that we are Americans,! The time is now!

  3. Barbara Bukovnik on April 18, 2022 at 12:02 am

    Hey Ted! My husband and I have been listening your music for most of our lives and we watch your show together. I’m impressed with many aspects of your philosophy and lifestyle. Shemane is delightful and inspires me to be the best wife of a hunter that I can. I was not raised with hunting or even around guns. Quite the lifestyle change for a 17 years old, I must say! Bryan took me to Kalaloch Beach on the Pacific Ocean to dig for razor clams on our honeymoon… in a tent!! And hunting on the Olympic Peninsula proceeded from there. Today is exactly 2 weeks short of 52 yrs later and I just purchased my own pistol for self-protection and added it to my/our collection. Now I’m looking for a women’s shooting club or class to join. On your show tonight, Shemane talked about encouraging women to be involved with hunting and shooting. Does she suggest a particular group? Maybe I should write to her about that! Anyway, thank you for being faithful to our God and Nation, your family, your wonderful show, the youth of our country and for that EXCELLENT new song! We sang it together tonight before I came here to join Hunter Nation! God bless you, your family and all that God directs you to do for Him! Barb Bukovnik

  4. Tom Kefford on April 18, 2022 at 4:44 pm

    I have been a fan since I saw you at the Spectrum in Philadelphia way back in the 70’s. Your guitar playing has inspired me as a fellow guitar player and your outdoor life style has inspired me as a fellow outdoorsman.
    I just would ask why you support Dr. Oz for PA?
    I would like to ask a lot more…but I realize that time is a commodity and I’m really curious about the Oz thing. To me he seems the epitome of a rino.

  5. Thomas Fijalkowski on April 19, 2022 at 9:25 pm

    Great read!

  6. Ronald Smiglewski on April 20, 2022 at 1:14 pm

    Help us out in New Jersey or are we a lost cause here, attacks against hunting and lawful gun owners are ramping up we’re closing in to be California, several more bills in our legislature would limit the 2nd amendment for law abiding citizens (not addressing criminal actors), also efforts restricting and limiting access to public lands , common sense tells the actions taken by the lawmakers regarding these issues have nothing to do with public safety or conservation of our public lands but more to do with a special interest agenda hostile to the traditions held by the hunting public and lawful firearm owners, for us older guys we’ll sneak through for a few more years i hope, but for any future generation wishing to enjoy the great traditions of hunting in New Jersey looks very grim at this rate.

  7. James Hunt on May 27, 2022 at 4:28 pm

    Hey Ted, Ron Hunt from Huntington WV.. I was born 10/13/47 ,we are almost the same age and for the first 30 years of my life we vacationed in Atlanta Michigan, Gaylord (Fred Bear Country been to the Museum) and Traverse City! Always loved hunting and fishing with my dad and my paw pa! Those are for me the greatest years of my life! THE GOOD OLD DAYS! THE CHILDREN OF TODAY FOR THE MOST PART ARE MISSING OUT!! MY HEART BLEEDS FOR THEM! Next week my sons Jason, Randy,(ALA.), my brother Chris are going to Britt Ontario, Canada , My boys started going on these trips since they were 6 for me the magic age! (Mother did not think so but we are celebrating our 55TH Anniversary so it worked out great! This is our 42 year there, Praise the LORD! Just saw you on News Max and found this web site!! Thanks for all you do and God Bless You, America, and born again “ULTRA MEGA AMERICAN PATRIOTS” Jason, Randy both ARMY!!! Both are hard working in Management positions making 6 figures and share their money with a lot of young people who just need help and fish with a lot of them! Both are saved and everyone in their homes are saved! Getting to “KNOW” GOD for us was getting in the woods, fields, rivers, lakes, with good fellowship and understanding Gods creation!!! God Bess the woods, fields, rivers, lakes and all that are there!!

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