Hunter Nation Foundation Responds to Maine Attorney General’s Blatant Disregard for Hunters

AG Frey Would Be Better Suited Defending Rights; Not Denying Them

Kansas City – Following yet another politically motivated roadblock thrown out to prevent sportsmen and sportswomen in Maine from hunting on Sundays, Hunter Nation Foundation CEO Luke Hilgemann offered a blunt assessment shared by many hunters:

“It’s time to cut the crap.”

Reacting to recent attempts made by Maine’s Attorney General Aaron Frey who dismissed the current legal challenge of Maine’s Sunday hunt ban, Hilgemann and Hunter Nation Foundation are vowing to continue the fight.

“Hunters across the nation deserve the opportunity to provide for their families, no matter the day of the week,” continued Hilgemann. “Unfortunately, despite a state constitution that clearly outlines one’s right to provide, Maine’s residents are currently being denied that opportunity due in part to the legal word games and politics being played by their out-of-touch attorney general.”

Maine is just one of two states in the nation with this archaic law on its books. In 2021, citizens passed an amendment to their constitution that declares its citizens have a right-to-food. Now, only after a legal challenge has been mounted to allow for hunting under this new constitutional language has AG Frey filed a motion to dismiss the challenge as frivolous.

“Right now, thousands of hunters across the State of Maine are being denied their constitutional right to put food on their family’s tables,” noted Hilgemann. “In this case, Attorney General Frey needs a helpful reminder. It’s his duty to defend individual rights and liberties, not to change the definition of words to deny those rights and liberties.”

In May, Hunter Nation Foundation, announced a sizable contribution to help support legal efforts to overturn the Sunday hunt ban in Maine. Today, Hunter Nation Foundation and its sister organization, Hunter Nation, are the fastest growing grassroots organizations in the country dedicated to protecting the rights of hunters in all 50 states, including Maine.

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