Don’t Risk The 2nd Amendment

Those of us that hunt and believe deeply in Traditional American Values understand the importance of protecting our 2nd Amendment right “to keep and bear arms!” As hunters, we know how our guns help put food on our tables and as free Americans we understand how our personal right to arm ourselves allow us to protect our families.

If there is any doubt that it is our 2nd Amendment gun rights that protect all of our other rights we suggest you remember what happened in Nazi Germany or take a look at what’s currently going on in Venezuela. A disarmed citizenry is a powerless and helpless citizenry! That’s why this talk of Democratic Socialism is concerning. When you realize that there are many uninformed Americans who are open to it, and the “Mainstream Media” is promoting it, well, it’s down right scary.

Here at Hunter Nation we will continuously fight Socialism here in America and oppose any efforts to take away or restrict our 2nd Amendment rights. Hunter Nation’s good friend, Donald Trump Jr. has written an excellent article about the importance of maintaining a strong 2nd Amendment which we encourage you to read: CLICK HERE to read article.

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