Help Support Wolf Delisting

May 14th 2019 IS THE LAST DAY FOR PUBLIC COMMENTS ON WOLF DELISTING! Long before Hunter Nation existed, co-founder Keith Mark was fighting the Wolf War. Check out what three US Senators had to say about the topic in 2013 and learn why they appreciated our partners at BigGame Forever way back then.

The voice of Hunter Nation is needed by clicking the link and sending a letter of support for wolf delisting. Only takes 30 seconds!

We support the Trump Administration's announcement that it will take executive action to delist wolves in the lower 48 states.

Our friends at Big Game Forever have made it easy for you to join us in showing your support.

Take a moment to send a clear message to the President, Secretary of the Interior, and Congress today so they know we support this decision. Delisting the wolf is the right thing to do.