New Access to Public Lands

It seems like every time you turn around the Left is trying to pass some law to take our guns or make it more difficult for us to enjoy our hunting lifestyle.  This is why all hunters and conservationists should be celebrating after seeing the new public lands bill recently signed by President Trump.  Finally, hunters have a President, and an administration, who value the American hunter.

The sweeping bipartisan bill is extremely pro-hunter!  Here are some highlights of what this bill means for hunters:

  • The bill specifically clarifies that all federal lands are open to hunting, fishing and recreational shooting unless otherwise designated by the Secretary of the Interior
  • The bill prevents future administrations from arbitrarily restricting hunting and sporting activities on federal lands
  • The bill contains many provisions which make it easier for sportsmen to access public lands
  • The bill makes it more difficult for the government to close off public lands for future use
  • The bill permanently re-authorizes the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). The LWCF exists to allow the public to access federally-owned land

Hunter Nation is proud of our efforts in support of this pro-hunting/sportsmen bill.  Hunter Nation thanks President Trump for delivering on his promise to protect our hunting heritage and lifestyle.  This is exactly why Hunter Nation was formed:  to make sure our elected officials support laws which are favorable to hunters.  If you live, or support, the hunting lifestyle, please check out as we would love you to be part of our grassroots army.


In a recent article written by Donald Trump, Jr., and Senator Steve Daines of Montana, these two avid hunters and sportsmen said, “The Trump administration has been an unfaltering friend to sportsmen.  Unfortunately, future administrations may not be.  This law protects our way of life.”  To read the rest of the article, click here