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Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunt for Two
with Ted & Shemane Nugent

Whitetail Deer Hunt
When: Fall 2019
Host: Ted & Shemane Nugent
Outfitter: Ted Nugent Sunrize Safaris
Entry deadline coming soon - Apply today!


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This is a 3-day, classic Michigan deer hunt for 2 with Ted and Shemane Nugent at their sacred home hunting grounds.

Ted Nugent is the most recognizable personality in the hunting and rock and roll world. His wife, Shemane Nugent, is a famous TV personality and author in her own right. You’ll spend time with this legendary hunting couple over the course of your adventure.

Imagine the memories you’ll come back home with of stories and time spent with the Queen Of The Forest and Motor City Madman with his guitar in hand around the campfire.

Get in touch with your “Spirit Of The Wild” at the very special place these two amazing personalities call home.

This is a perfect experience for a husband and wife hunting duo.

Bring your gun or bow to hunt on the Nugent’s sacred family home swamp for a once-in-a-lifetime hunting experience one you will never forget!

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Georgia Turkey Hunt for Two
with Michael Waddell

Wild Turkey Hunt
Where: Georgia
When: Spring 2019
Host: Michael Waddell
Outfitter: Bone Collector
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This is a 2-day turkey hunt with Michael Waddell, founder of Bone Collector, where he grew up in rural Georgia.

You and a guest will stay at Michael’s farm and hunt his favorite game animal, the wild turkey, on his own home place.

You’ll learn firsthand why he became famous as a competitive turkey caller and guide as you hunt where he learned his trade.

The winner will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience time with Michael and his family up close and personal.  You will witness firsthand his hunting and calling talents as well as his homespun stories and humor.  You will see why he is one of the hunting world’s most recognizable and loved figures.

Experience true Southern hospitality as you enjoy home cooked food and lodging hosted personally by Michael, his wife, Christie, and family.

This hunt will take place in Spring of 2019.

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Elk Hunt
Where: Utah
When: Fall 2019
Host: Donald Trump Jr.
Outfitter: TBD
Entry deadline coming soon - Apply today!


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This is a 5-day Utah elk hunt for 1 with Donald Trump, Jr.

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Join Donald Trump, Jr., the modern-day Teddy Roosevelt, in Utah for a 5-day adventure hunting elk in some of the most majestic land our great country has to offer.

You will have to go a long way to find a bigger advocate for our hunting lifestyle and a more passionate hunter and conservationist than Don, Jr.  The opportunity to share a hunting camp with him is truly priceless.

Gain a new perspective on real-life conservation from one the leading experts on the subject, all while you hunt one of the most prized big game animals on earth.

This hunt is targeted for Fall of 2019.

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Elk Hunt
Where: Colorado
When: Fall 2019
Host: Mark Geist
Outfitter: Colorado Buck
Entry deadline coming soon - Apply today!


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This is a 7-day elk hunt for 1 in Western Colorado with Mark “Oz” Geist and Outfitter Colorado Buck.

This is a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The winner will spend a week with one of America’s greatest patriots and true heroes, Mark “Oz” Geist. You can only imagine the campfire stories you’ll hear when “Oz” tells the true story of Benghazi, the one Hillary Clinton does not want you to hear!

If that is not enough, you’ll hear those stories amidst the incredible beauty of America’s Rocky Mountains as you hunt with Oz and well known TV host and guide, Colorado Buck. He will put you in front of some of our country’s most impressive elk.

Oz is also a founding member of Hunter Nation and knows the importance of a strong voice for our lifestyle.

This hunt will take place in October of 2019.

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Colorado Elk Hunt for One
with Robert O'Neill & Weston Clark

Elk Hunt
Where: Colorado
When: Fall 2019
Host: Robert O’Neill
Outfitter: Weston Clark - Experience Adventures
Entry deadline coming soon - Apply today!


Enter for a Chance to Win

This is a 5-day Colorado elk hunt for one

If you are an American patriot, this is truly an opportunity of a lifetime.

Imagine enjoying a world-class elk Hunt in the beautiful Colorado Rockies.

Now imagine that same hunt with a true American hero, Robert O’Neill, the Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden.

If that’s not enough to get you excited, throw in legendary elk outfitter and TV Star Weston Clark as your guide and you have an experience that will never be matched.

The winner will enjoy 5-Star lodge accommodations and a culinary experience second to none.

Wes’s passion and 33 years of experience will guarantee you the elk hunt that dreams are made of and the time you’ll spend with Robert O’Neill makes this special opportunity one you will treasure forever.

The hunt will be filmed and aired on "The Experience" with Weston and Jodi Clark on Discovery Channel.

This hunt takes place in Fall of 2019.

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Wyoming Mountain Lion for One
with Craig Morgan & Slick Rock Outfitters

Mountain Lion Hunt
Where: Western Wyoming
When: Fall 2019
Host: Craig Morgan
Outfitter: Tanner Allen
Entry deadline coming soon - Apply today!


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This is a 5-day mountain lion hunt in Western Wyoming with country music star, Craig Morgan, and one of the West’s top guides, Tanner Allen.

Craig is a lifelong hunter, on the Hunter Nation Advisory Board and epitomizes all that we stand for. He served our country as an Army Ranger and went on to fame as a country music star and host of a top-rated outdoor TV show. He is also well known for his charitable contributions to causes close to his heart. The US Army recently awarded him the “Outstanding Civilian Service Medal,” one of their top civilian awards.

Sharing a campfire with Craig from stories to music is an experience the winner will always remember.

Your guide, Tanner, owns Slick Rock Outfitters (#BG-090) and is a licensed guide in Wyoming. Tanner is well known for guiding his hunters to exceptional trophy game and good times.

This hunt will take place between December 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020.

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Africa Four Animal Hunt for One with Michael Waddell & The Safari Connection

Africa 4 Animal Hunt
Where: Namibia, Africa
When: Summer 2019
Host: Michael Waddell
Outfitter: The Safari Connection
Entry deadline coming soon - Apply today!


Enter for a Chance to Win

Win the dream safari of a lifetime in Namibia, Africa, with the founder of Bone Collectors, Michael Waddell. You and Michael will be the guests of “The Safari Connection” for a 5-day, 4-animal traditional African safari near the famous Etosha National Park.

This is a one-on-one experience including a professional hunter, trackers, skinners and more.

5-star accommodations in a luxury chalet with all meals, drinks and daily laundry included. You will experience an authentic African hunting safari second to none.

Imagine the hunting stories you will hear from legendary Michael Waddell around the fire pit each night! After each day of hunting, you’ll have your own stories to take home as well.

The winner also has the option to bring a full-paying companion.

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Alaskan-Yukon Moose Hunt
Where: Yukon
When: Fall 2019
Host: Keith Mark
Outfitter: MacMillan River Adventures


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This is a 10-day hunt for one in the Canadian Yukon.

Come hunt monster moose at the legendary MacMillan River Adventures in the heart of the Yukon Territory.

Famous for its record book moose success, MRA boasts the archery and muzzle loader Alaska/Yukon Moose World Records!

You will hunt the largest antlered animal in North America in the most pristine wilderness left on the planet, the Yukon.

Your host will be MRA’s owner and longtime host of MacMillan River Adventures Television show, Keith Mark.

You choose your weapon; bow, rifle or muzzle loader and head to the North Country for the hunting adventure of a lifetime.

This hunt takes place in September 2019.

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Kansas Pheasant Hunt for Two
with Mark Geist

Pheasant Hunt
Where: Kansas
When: Fall 2019
Host: Mark Geist
Outfitter: Outdoor Obsession
Entry deadline coming soon - Apply today!


Enter for a Chance to Win

One winner will enjoy 2 days of incredible pheasant hunting in Downs, Kansas, home of “Outdoor Obsessions,” with a true American hero and Benghazi warrior, Mark “Oz” Geist.

You will need to bring your A-game because you know Oz is proficient in pulling the trigger and hitting the mark.

The good news is Outdoor Obsessions will provide you with one of the highest densities of pheasant in our nation’s heartland, so there are plenty of birds to go around.

You are guaranteed to have the highest quality pheasant hunt and the opportunity to listen as Oz tells his incredible but true stories in the lodge each night.

The combination of great hunting and amazing stories makes this a hunt any patriotic American would enjoy.

This hunt will take place in Fall/Winter of 2019.

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British Columbia Mountain Goat and Moose Hunt for Two with Full Curl Stone Outfitters and King’s Camo

Mountain Goat and Moose Hunt
Where: Northern British Columbia
When: Fall 2019
Host: Kevin Pritchett and King’s Camo
Outfitter: Full Curl Stone Outfitters
Entry deadline coming soon - Apply today!


Enter for a Chance to Win

Enjoy a spectacular 10-day moose and goat hunt for two in Northern British Columbia.

The winning hunter can bring a friend or family member, and you decide who shoots the moose and who shoots the goat.

The 10-day hunt will take place in the first couple weeks of September 2019. Hunters will hunt on horseback and enjoy the accommodations of a comfortable lake lodge.

Full Curl Stone Outfitters and Luke Vince are world renowned for top notch guiding and providing incredible hunting experiences.

This hunt is sponsored by Kevin Pritchett and King's Camo.  Kevin enjoyed great success in this exact camp in 2017.

This hunt will take place in fall of 2019.