Hunter Nation Wisconsin State Update - 2023 Year End

As the year ends, I look back on the accomplishments we’ve had and the opportunities we still have in front of us. I am proud of the work Hunter Nation and our members have done and excited about the momentum we have heading into 2024. Many things came to light this year while Hunter Nation was fighting for our rights. One is right here in Wisconsin where anti-hunting groups, along with some legislators, are actively working to disarm hunters, take away our constitutional right to hunt and allow predators to control our wildlife. We have a state deer harvest that is down 15% from last year. The Northern Forest Deer Management Zone has experienced the greatest decline, 2023 Deer Harvest is currently down 30% from 2022 Deer Harvest.

These same animal rights groups claim to be conservationists, but their only agenda is to completely remove hunters from the landscape. Predator management and major flaws within the WI DNR are at the top of our list as we head into 2024. We will continue to be your voice at state hearings and committee meetings but need your support too.

2024 will be exciting for Hunter Nation and our members as we will be hosting live and virtual events with opportunities for our Wisconsin members to volunteer and get involved in our 2024 initiatives and engagement.

The next few pages provide you with some information on current legislative bills and Hunter Nation’s engagement fighting for you. We wish you a blessed New Year and look forward to working with you in 2024 and growing the Hunter Nation Wisconsin Chapter.

Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss action plans and opportunities.

Chris Vaughan

Hunter Nation Wisconsin State Director

[email protected]

Wisconsin Legislative Hunting Bills

2023 Senate Committee on Financial Institutions & Sporting Heritage

  • CR23-047 - Relating to gray wolf harvest regulations
  • AB 34 / SB 30 – Restrictions on baiting deer in counties based on CWD or bovine tuberculosis
  • AB 71 / SB 44 – Disability rating at which veterans qualify for certain state authorizations and exemptions
  • AB 270 / SB 265 – Hunter education requirments for persons under the age of 18 & grating rule making authority
  • AB 512 / SB 545 – Hunting wild animals with the aid of a dog, dog training on wild animals and dog trialing on wild animals in the northern unit
  • AB 632 / SB 587– Defining muzzle-loading firearms for hunting purposes
  • AB 799 – Nonresident archer & crossbow hunting license fees
  • SB 139 – Establishing a statewide wolf population goal

While we continue to fight for a federal delisting of wolves and placing them in the states control, an important piece to follow is the lawsuit filed by the Center for Biological Diversity which now requires the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to draft a new recovery plan for gray wolves within the next two years.

Wisconsin Wolf Watch


Wolf Population Goal Assembly Hearing - Madison WI


Wolf Population Goal Senate Hearing - Madison WI


NRB – Wolf Management Plan Hearing – Madison WI


Following firearms season the Statewide Deer Harvest was down 20% from 2022. 

2000 thru 2008 - 486,274 Avg Deer Harvest
2009 thru 2023 - 325,225 Avg. Deer Harvest

That is an average of 161,045 (33%) fewer Deer Harvested since Since 2008 when the Wolf population exceeded 550.


Listening Session – Solon Springs WI


Listening Session – Woodruff WI


Wolf management must be returned to the states to help control the populations of deer and other wildlife.

Health & Human Safety / Livestock Depredation / Wildlife Population / State’s Rights

In addition to the wolf management plan, we will continue to work with Wisconsin Senators Tiffany, Stafsholt, Felzkowski and many others on a Sandhill Crane hunting season and funding for archery and hunters’ education in our schools.

I am excited about this opportunity to work directly with our members and Wisconsin political advocates fighting for you. We will be holding events throughout the year, and I look forward to seeing many of you then.

If you haven’t already, please join us in these efforts!



Chris Vaughan

Hunter Nation Wisconsin State Director

[email protected]

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