Reed Plantation, ME – Doubling down on the group’s efforts to overturn the state’s archaic ban on Sunday hunting, Hunter Nation CEO Luke Hilgemann recently traveled to Maine to meet with some of the state’s top policymakers. The trip marks the latest in a series of efforts by the grassroots organization to defend hunters rights from coast to coast, including providing funding to a lawsuit against the Sunday hunting ban.

“It shouldn’t matter one bit what day of the week it is,” said Hilgemann. “Maine residents have a constitutional right to hunt on Sundays that’s currently being denied. Hunter Nation stands ready to do whatever it takes to see this ban overturned.”

This is not the first time Hunter Nation has spoken out on the issue. The group, which is the fastest-growing organization dedicated to protecting and defending the rights of hunters in all 50 states, has been a vocal opponent of the ban. In In March of 2022, Hilgemann and Hunter Nation founder Keith Mark submitted testimony before a state legislative committee, arguing the policy is counterproductive to the state’s economic and wildlife population management goals.


In May of this year, Hunter Nation Foundation joined a local group of hunters in bringing a constitutional challenge to the law, arguing that it violates individual rights under the state’s newly adopted “Right-to-Food” constitutional amendment. Ted Nugent, the group’s national spokesperson, has also spoken out against the hunt ban, calling the state’s defense of it “as ripe as a pile of fresh moose scat.

“Hunters are sick and tired of having their rights trampled on by out-of-touch politicians – including here in Maine,” offered Hilgemann.

Below is a photo of Hilgemann meeting with Senator Matthew Pouliot of Augusta.


“Working Mainer’s who hunt are grateful to have Luke here to harvest a bear and highlight our struggle to end the unjust ban on Sunday hunting. Opening Sunday’s up will give those who work 5-6 days a week a fair shot at feeding their families with Maine’s natural and ancestral protein sources. We thank him and Hunter Nation for their consistent support of our efforts.” - Jared Bornstein, Executive Director of Maine Hunters United for Sunday Hunting


  1. William T Mason on February 26, 2023 at 7:55 pm

    Hello : I was born and raised in the wonderful state of Maine. I could not agree with more on Sunday hunting in Maine.
    The hunters deserve better. A lot of people only get to hunt one day a week. Because they have to work to support their families as well a put a roof over ther heads. Not only that but the State of Maine . Is missing out on a lot of revenue. From out of state hunters who want to hunt in Maine.They end up hunting next door the State of NH. Because they are able to hunt seven days a week. Maine is also missing out on lodging
    an meals revenue. As well as 7% sales tax money. I have hunted an fished for over 65 yrs in both Maine an Nh.
    It is time the the State of Maine reward both in state and out of state hunters. This is long over due! Thank You

  2. Chris Odlin on April 17, 2023 at 6:18 pm

    How can I join Maine hunters for Sunday hunting ?

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