ICYMI: Hunter Nation Testifies in Support of Hunters in Maine and Washington

Kansas City – Hunter Nation made its presence known this week on both coasts of this beautiful country by defending hunting rights. Luke Hilgemann, Hunter Nation CEO, was in Maine to testify for hunters' rights to hunt in that state on Sundays. Meanwhile, Hunter Nation Founder, Keith Mark, was in Washington testifying for their spring bear hunt there.

Both of these bills are integral to helping protect hunters’ rights across the country. Bear hunting in Washington is not only beneficial for the bear population, but also for the Washington economy. You can read Keith Mark’s full testimony here.

In Maine, a bill was introduced that would reverse a ban on Sunday hunting. Luke Hilgemann highlighted during his testimony that Sunday hunting benefits Maine’s economy, conservation, and hunters. You can read Luke’s full testimony here.

Hunter Nation takes pride in making a positive impact for hunters coast to coast by informing our members about major policy debates happening in their states. Issues like these help us talk about hunting with truth, logic, and commonsense.

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