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Vermont Call to Action

By Hunter Nation | March 31, 2021

Abruptly last night, anti-hunting amendments were attached to an unrelated bill in an attempt to severely restrict the practice of hunting bears with hounds in Vermont. If passed, these new rules around bear hunting with hounds–including keeping your dog in sight at all times and ensuring your dog does not ever cross into private property…

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Stop President Biden’s Extreme Gun Control Measures

By Hunter Nation | March 22, 2021

Just a few months into office and President Biden is already pushing major gun control measures to limit Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens and hunters.

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Luke Hilgemann: Wisconsin's wolf hunt was needed and didn't exceed quota by much

By Hunter Nation | March 19, 2021

MARSHFIELD – A plethora of news articles are reporting that Wisconsin wolf hunters exceeded the Department of Natural Resource's harvest quota by more than 50%. But this statistic is grossly misleading and has created a false narrative that deserves clarity. The reality is Wisconsin's wolf hunt quota was 200 for the 2021 season, and the number of…

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Michigan Wolf Population Out-of-Control

By Hunter Nation | March 12, 2021

Wolves chasing deer through backyards in the middle of the day. Wolves captured on camera running by a local elementary school. A human-wolf encounter while running in the park. These are all undeniable signs that the wolf population in Michigan is out-of-control. Latest estimates by the Michigan DNR project the wolf population at 700. But…

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Hunting Rights Group Compels Wisconsin to Hold First Wolf Hunt in 7 Years

By Hunter Nation | March 8, 2021

Last fall, following successful conservation efforts, Interior Secretary David Bernhardt announced the removal of the gray wolf from federal Endangered Species Act protections, and on January 4, 2021, the removal became official. A conservation success story, the wolf population in the continental United States didn't just recover, it grew exponentially, unleashing an overwhelming number of…

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Hunter Nation Joins McAnally-Hilgemann Racing

By Hunter Nation | March 2, 2021

Primary Team Sponsor At Multiple Events This Season ROSEVILLE, Calif.- McAnally-Hilgemann Racing has announced that Hunter Nation, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the right to hunt, will be the primary sponsor on their No. 19 Toyota Tundra for multiple races this season in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. The MHR entry…

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Wisconsin Wolf Hunt Victory

By Hunter Nation | March 1, 2021

This February, Hunter Nation won a historic victory for Wisconsin hunters-and a victory for the rule of law-and ensured that the state's legally required wolf hunt was held. With the delisting of the grey wolf from the federal Endangered Species Act going into effect in January 2021, Wisconsin state law requires an “annual open season…

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Hunter Nation's response to the hysteria driven headlines about the successful wolf hunt

By Hunter Nation | February 26, 2021

Here's Hunter Nation's response to the hysteria driven headlines about the successful wolf hunt this week: “Hunter Nation is proud of the effort we undertook that allowed the statutorily required wolf hunt to move forward this week. Reports from the field show us that despite the Evers' administration's attempts to trample our constitutional right to…

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Georgia County to Shut Down Bowhunting

By Hunter Nation | February 22, 2021

Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson and several members of the Columbus City Council in Georgia want to ban bowhunting for deer in Columbus and Muscogee County on any tract of land that is less than 10 acres. If the ban is passed, it would trample on the hunting rights of thousands of people – rights that are protected…

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Hunter Nation Wins Lawsuit Against Wisconsin DNR

By Hunter Nation | February 12, 2021

This week, Hunter Nation, along with the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, won our lawsuit against the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for ignoring a state law requirement to schedule a wolf hunt this winter. A Jefferson County Circuit Court found that the Wisconsin DNR violated state law by refusing to schedule a winter 2021 gray…

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