Governor Murphy: Stop Tyrannical Hunting Bans

In an abuse of power, NJ Governor strips hunting rights & puts public in danger

Madison, Wisconsin (October 7, 2020) - Today Hunter Nation, a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving and protecting America’s hunting heritage, denounced Governor Phil Murphy’s tyrannical black bear hunt suspension.

Hunter Nation President and CEO, Luke Hilgemann, issued the following statement:

“Governor Phil Murphy is an enemy to America’s hunting heritage and conservation efforts. Just last month, Governor Murphy attacked hunters and the hunting lifestyle by introducing a 2021 budget that includes astronomical tax increases on hunters and gun owners, including a 1,900% increase for the cost of a Firearms ID card.

“Now, the Garden State’s anti-hunting leader overstepped his power and bowed to the demands of extremists such as the New Jersey Sierra Club, suspending the state’s black bear hunt.


“Calling to ‘"chart a better way forward," yet releasing no “better way forward” or plan to control the bear population, Murphy is increasing the public’s chance for dangerous bear attacks in addition to increasing the likelihood of inhumane starvation for these bears.

“The New Jersey bear population should be properly managed based on sound conservation principles and backed by science and factual data, not extremist views or personal opinion. Instituting a hunting ban is a gross misuse of power, sets a dangerous precedent and puts lives at risk.

“Instead of making policies behind the security of his luxurious estate, we’d invite the Governor to visit Warren and Sussex counties, and even Passaic county where a black bear mauled a man to death in August, to experience the black bear problem first-hand.”

Hunter Nation urges all hunters to stand up for their right to hunt by remembering to vote this fall. If they don't, elected officials who threaten the hunting way of life and want to take our guns, will control our future. Governor Murphy is a prime example.

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