Colorado Wolves Likely To Cross Into Wyoming Within Weeks Where They Can Be Shot

By Mark Heinz |  Cowboy State Daily

Some of Colorado’s wolves have been pushing north, toward the Wyoming state line. It's likely just a matter of weeks before some cross over into Wyoming, where they can be shot on sight. There’s no telling when wolves from Colorado will cross the state line into Wyoming. But it’s bound to happen, and it could happen soon, a wolf watcher said.

“If I had a crystal ball, what do I think? I think that sometime within the next four to six weeks, we’ll have one cross, or maybe a couple cross over,” Colorado resident John Michael Williams said.  “And I think we’ll see some of them getting shot,” he added.

Wolf Tracker

Williams is a Colorado native who lives in the Colorado Springs area. He recently founded and administers the “Colorado Wolf Tracker”  Facebook page, which quickly gained thousands of followers.

It’s become a clearinghouse for information and lively discussions (and sometimes heated debates) regarding ten wolves that were reintroduced into Colorado in December.

Williams credits pressure from the public for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Department agreeing to routinely release maps of the wolves’ whereabouts.