Wolf kills a calf in Colorado, the first confirmed kill after predator’s reintroduction

by The Associated Press  A wolf has killed a calf in Colorado, wildlife officials said Wednesday, confirming the first livestock kill after 10 of the predators were controversially reintroduced in December to the aggrievement of the state's rural residents.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife confirmed after an investigation that the wounds of the calf killed Tuesday, and nearby wolf tracks, were consistent with a wolf kill, what they refer to as a “depredation.”

“The field investigation found multiple tooth rake marks on the calf’s hindquarters and neck, and hemorrhaging under the hide, consistent with wolf depredation,” Jeromy Huntington, one of the agencies wildlife managers, said in a statement.

The agency did not say how many wolves were involved, or if it was one of the recently released animals. In the past few years, a handful of wolves have wandered down from Wyoming and killed livestock.

The calf’s owner can be compensated by the state for the animal’s market value, up to $15,000. Still, ranchers argue it's just not enough.