Wisconsin Wolf Hunt Victory

This February, Hunter Nation won a historic victory for Wisconsin hunters—and a victory for the rule of law—and ensured that the state’s legally required wolf hunt was held.

With the delisting of the grey wolf from the federal Endangered Species Act going into effect in January 2021, Wisconsin state law requires an “annual open season for hunting and trapping wolves” be established.

Governor Tony Evers and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources tried ignoring state law to buy time for radical anti-hunting groups attempting to reverse the grey wolves delisting—and, as a result, stopping the hunt altogether. Wolves are a problem, but elected officials picking and choosing which laws they want to follow based on their politics are also problems.

With the help of the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, we filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for not holding the hunt as required by law. Hunter Nation’s CEO, Luke Hilgemann, testified before the Natural Resources board on the issue.

Ultimately, the Wisconsin Circuit Court for Jefferson County ruled in favor of Hunter Nation and Wisconsin hunters and declared the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources “follow their duty” to hold the hunt. 

Before Hunter Nation’s efforts, this was a victory few in the state thought possible.