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with Donald Trump Jr.

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Whitetail Deer Hunt

Where: Pennsylvania
When: December 2019 (Dates TBA by Hunter Nation)
Host: Donald Trump Jr.
Application Ending 10/15/2019 – Apply today!


This is a 3-day Pennsylvania whitetail hunt for 1 with Donald Trump, Jr.

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Join Donald Trump, Jr., the modern-day Teddy Roosevelt, for a 3-day adventure hunting whitetail deer in some of the most majestic land our great country has to offer.

You will have to go a long way to find a bigger advocate for our hunting lifestyle, a more passionate hunter and conservationist than Don, Jr.  The opportunity to share a hunting camp with him is truly priceless.

Gain a new perspective on real-life conservation from one the leading experts on the subject, all while you hunt one of the most popular big game animals on earth.

This hunt is targeted for December 2019

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