Messages from Mark

Messages from Mark

Mark DeYoung, Hunter Nation CEO


God-given Freedoms and Outdoor Traditions

God-given Freedoms and Outdoor Traditions

November 2019

Hunter Nation Members,

November is a month where we celebrate Thanksgiving with food, family, and friends. Here at Hunter Nation, we are thankful for the God-given freedoms and outdoor traditions that have shaped this land since the arrival of the pilgrims. Those early pioneers sought religious freedom and an escape from persecution and oppression. They risked life and limb in this quest and found this land to be a place where they could survive and eventually prosper.

Generations of pioneers have carved out a place in history here and have left a legacy of faith, perseverance, sacrifice, and courage. Today we enjoy the fruits of their labor and their faith. We live in a land that is choice above all other lands and a place where religious freedoms, liberty, and the ability to achieve one’s God-given potential inspires us all. The pride and emotions of the rugged outdoorsmen and settlers that shaped this land still beat in the hearts of today’s hunters. We are reborn in the fresh air of a fall day in the woods or swamp. We thrive and find new life in the mountains and plains of this vast and still accessible country. We take pride in our role as conservationists and in our ability to positively impact wildlife habitat and populations. As hunters, we willingly fund the majority of all wildlife management programs at both the State and National level. No one does more to protect and conserve wildlife than the American hunter.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we thank God for this land and its pioneers. As hunters, we give thanks for the abundant herds and flocks that we have helped establish over the past 75 years with funds from hunting licenses, permits, and excise taxes on hunting equipment. We stand tall in defense of our traditional hunting heritage and way of life. We stand ready to fight the good fight in defense of freedom, constitutional rights, and multi-use public lands. Hunter Nation wants future generations to experience the satisfaction that comes from being self-reliant and harvesting natural food. We encourage you to get engaged in your community to support the traditions and freedoms that have made this country the most prosperous and free civilization in the history of mankind. Gratitude, patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and an individual’s freedom and faith are the foundational cornerstones of this Nation. Our mission here at Hunter Nation is to ensure these cornerstones remain in place for generations.

Hunters ethically and purposefully harvest nature’s bounty to provide natural food for themselves and for others. Perhaps some of this fall’s harvest will be on your table this Thanksgiving and give you the chance to educate others on the benefits of hunting.

I want to thank each of you for being part of Hunter Nation and wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!


Mark W. DeYoung

Hunters are America’s Conservationists.