Messages from Mark

Messages from Mark

Mark DeYoung, Hunter Nation CEO


Modernization of the Endangered Species Act

Modernization of the Endangered Species Act

August 2019

Hunter Nation supports the modernization of the Endangered Species Act and responsible multi-use public lands. We believe that protecting and conserving wildlife and wild places is critical and must be a priority addressed in law and in how we pursue our outdoor activities. We also believe that a reasonable and rational approach to conservation is key to the balance of nature and the balance between humans and wildlife. Like most things in our lives, achieving balance means achieving an outcome that includes evaluation of risk and return, prioritizing conflicting issues, and when necessary making reasonable compromises.

Our planet’s wildlife is amazing and must be respected and properly managed to coexist with our planet’s human inhabitants, who are also amazing.   We believe that both populations can survive and thrive with proper and balanced approaches to overseeing our natural resources. America’s herds and flocks are thriving, and wildlife populations have benefited greatly from proper management. The fact is that hunters have funded and rebuilt our tremendous herds of wildlife – not animal rights groups or environmental groups. These same sportsmen and women strongly favor a reasonable Endangered Species Act and a responsible multiple use land management model.  Federal Multiple Use Management Programs are required by law to keep the land healthy, protect our wilderness and remote open spaces, and support wildlife.  If properly managed and funded, multiple use lands provide a truly diverse outdoor experience while supporting abundant wildlife, natural outdoor spaces, and wise economic development.

Hunter Nation believes in keeping public lands public and setting aside wilderness areas.  We also believe in balancing the economic needs of our Nation and its citizens with the needs of wildlife and wild places.  The best way to accomplish these objectives is through a rational Endangered Species Act, a wisely established and properly managed multiple use land management model and continuing to support a very successful North American Model of Wildlife Conservation based on responsible game and land management practices, including hunting.

Speaking of hunting, we are very pleased to announce a hunt with Donald Trump Jr. in December 2019. This whitetail deer hunt will take place in  Pennsylvania.September 1st marks the application deadline to win a hunt with Hunter Nation Advisory Board member Ted Nugent. You can purchase your chance(s) to win these incredible hunts only at  Good luck!

Thank you for your support of Hunter Nation and hunting. 


Mark W. DeYoung

Hunters are America’s Conservationists.