PANDEMIC! Welcome to the Party!

by Ted Nugent

The natural, annual, instinctive spring celebrations throttle on here at CampNuge! We are gathering mushrooms, leeks, wild scallions, hunting for shed antlers, killing hogs and varmints, planting trees and food plots, prepping the ground for spring planting, honing archery and marksmanship skills daily, training dogs, rockin’ out like a madman on killer guitar licks, hammering media daily with my never-ending tsunami of truth, logic and commonsense, dreaming of my 60th summer tour, looking forward to the greatest hunting season of my life come fall and dusting off my turkey gear for another grand ThunderChicken huntfest.

I know, I know, I am well aware of the horrific global pandemic and all its scary ramifications, but alas, TribeNuge hasn’t really altered our daily life much at all.

We have survived floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, blizzards, droughts, Y2K, post 9-11 horrors and pretty much all that Ma Nature and this crazy world can throw at us.

All the hunters I know were well prepared for this unprecedented level of societal breakdown. We have food, water, medicine, guns, ammo and plenty of toilet paper, thank you.

With every tragedy and life disruption, I have experienced in my 71 years, I have made it a point to learn lessons in an effort to mitigate panic and scrambling for when the next one erupts.

And if there is one glaring lesson to be learned, it is that the next one will erupt at one time or another.

I remain encouraged as I hear story after story of good citizens who were smart enough to learn such lessons helping out those less prepared. Since I have always surrounded myself with great, positive, smart, loving, giving people, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

Those of us in the hunting community must now reach out and communicate more aggressively to our family, neighbors, friends, co-workers, the people at church and school, and do our very best to educate and prod everyone we know to learn these lessons, aspiring to never be unprepared again.

And if ever there was a time for people to wake up and take better care of themselves, it would be now during this dangerous life-threatening Covid19 pandemic.

If you know people who smoke, abuse alcohol or insanely poison themselves with drugs or vaping, those suicidal mistakes make them dangerously more susceptible to the deadly virus, not to mention just outright destroy their quality of life under even normal circumstances.

It’s difficult to make people care, but if we can inspire them to do so, they will live longer and be a better asset to their families and communities instead of a drain on our nation and environment.

We wish everyone good health, a strong spirit, and a long life. We also know that America can and will get through this terrible chapter.

I personally believe in our great President Donald Trump and the best of the best medical professionals he has surrounded himself with and leaning on for the best advice and direction possible during these special times.

And never underestimate the power of prayer, especially when things get rough.

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Ted Nugent, Rock N' Roll Legend – Spirit of the Wild - Hunter Nation Advisory Board



Ted Nugent is an award-winning musician and writer, with numerous best-seller books including “Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto,” “God, Guns and Rock ‘n Roll,” and “Kill It and Grill It.”  His enormously popular Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV show recently celebrated its 500th episode! For more news on his latest music, thoughts and projects—including the new Ted Nugent DangerZone podcast with Tim Wells—visit

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