Hunter Nation Foundation and Concerned Veterans for America Foundation Announce Partnership to Provide Hunting Access, Venison to National Guard Members On Standby for Kenosha Response

Hunter Nation Foundation and Concerned Veterans for America Foundation announced a partnership today to provide hunting access and venison for the 500 Wisconsin National Guard members that currently are on standby for any response that would be needed in Kenosha after a verdict is reached in the Rittenhouse trial.

Wisconsin’s gun deer hunting season runs from Nov. 20-28 and many of the members of the Wisconsin National Guard may miss this season due to their service. Hunter Nation Foundation, in partnership with the Concerned Veterans of America Foundation, is compiling a list of Wisconsin hunters who will be willing to donate venison or allow our National Guard members to hunt on their land during the statewide antlerless hunt from Dec. 9-12.

“The men and women of the Wisconsin National Guard are always thinking of ways they can serve us, so offering them some venison from our members or access to private land is the least we can do,” said Hunter Nation President and CEO, Luke Hilgemann. “Hunter Nation stands for the principles of God, family, country, and our nation’s Constitution, and we are proud to do this.”

“The members of Wisconsin’s National Guard consistently demonstrate the selflessness and sacrifice that epitomize military service,” said Sam Rogers Director for Concerned Veterans for America Foundation in Wisconsin. “We’re thankful to all of Hunter Nation’s members and Wisconsinites who are stepping up to make sure that our service members don’t miss out on the fruits of a successful hunt due to their deployment. They’ve been asked to do so much both at home and overseas over the last two years, we’re excited to help keep them connected to this cornerstone of Wisconsin tradition and culture.”

Wisconsinites are encouraged to to sign up to donate venison or allow access to their private land for the December antlerless hunt.

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