Vote YES on Utah’s Right to Hunt and Fish Constitutional Amendment

This November, outdoorsmen, and women in Utah have the opportunity to protect their right to hunt and fish.

Constitutional Amendment E would protect the state’s long-standing outdoor traditions now and in the future by establishing a constitutional right to hunt and fish.

Specifically, the amendment would promote wildlife conservation and management and preserve the future of hunting and fishing in Utah as well as declare that hunting and fishing are the preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife.

Did you think this was already a basic right?


In fact, only 22 states currently have constitutional amendments to protect the right to hunt.

Now more than ever, hunters must take action to preserve and protect America’s hunting heritage. If we don’t, it will be taken away.

Look no farther than New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy who recently announced he was banning the state’s black bear hunt, despite public safety concerns.

This November, Hunter Nation encourages all Utah citizens to stand vigilant and protect the right to hunt by voting YES on Constitutional Amendment E, Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment.