Wisconsin Wolf Hunt Update

For those who’ve been following the ongoing saga in Wisconsin surrounding the upcoming wolf hunt, we wanted to give you an update on several cases that are making their way through the courts.

In the case involving the Attorney General’s attempt to remove Dr. Frederick Prehn as the Chairman of the Natural Resources Board, a champion for hunter’s rights, the judge overseeing that case denied Hunter Nation’s motion to join the case late last week.

Our attorneys argued forcibly against this unprecedented move, but this activist judge from Dane County blocked us anyway. Rather than backing down, Hunter Nation moved forward and filed a brief in the case, making the same legal arguments about the need to maintain the rule of law and separation of powers so that Governors both current and future must seek the approval of the Senate for their executive nominees.

Another case spearheaded by The Humane Society of the U.S. and a cabal of national anti-hunting groups alleges that the statutory wolf hunt is unconstitutional because it supposedly violates the anti-trust doctrine. The case is a far-fetched and frivolous claim from groups who are hell-bent on stopping the wolf hunt at all costs. Hunter Nation will be attempting to intervene in this case as well.

Also, this week several Democrats in the State Legislature introduced a bill to end the statutorily required wolf hunt. While this legislation stands very little chance of passing, it’s clear that the anti-hunting forces will stop at nothing to end the wolf hunt in Wisconsin.

That’s why it’s more important than ever for Hunter Nation to continue to lead the charge against these frivolous attempts to trample our hunting rights.