Hunter Nation completely opposes anti-hunting provisions known as the CECIL Act added to HR 7612

Action Alert: Hunter Nation members we have an urgent action alert that requires your immediate attention!

The US House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on HR 7612, a bill that establishes funding levels for the Department of Interior and other agencies related to the environment.

While we are supportive of funding requests to help the Department of Interior continue to enhance access to federal lands for hunting and other outdoor pursuits, we are completely opposed to a last-minute amendment that was added to the bill that includes anti-hunting provisions known as the CECIL Act.

The CECIL Act – which has been a top priority for anti-hunting groups for several years – would prohibit any dollars being spent by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to process and issue import permits for legally hunted animals from Africa, such as elephants or lions.

The ultimate goal of this legislation is to end hunting of lions, elephants, and other wild game species in Africa.

Together, we can defeat this misguided attempt to use the power of government to prevent hunters from pursuing our passions for the outdoors both domestically and abroad.

Please pick up the phone and contact your federal representatives in both the House and the Senate and request that they vote to remove the CECIL Act provisions from this bill.

Together, one united Hunter Nation can shake the halls of Congress and make Washington take action on this vital legislation.

Thank you!
Luke Hilgemann
CEO of Hunter Nation

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