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Hunter Nation Claims Victory: Hunter Education Courses to Re-Open

Outdoor Group Says Illegal Closure of Training Courses Jeopardized Hunting Heritage

Madison…Hunter Nation, a non-profit organization that works to protect the rights of hunters, claims victory in their June 2020 suit filed in state court to force the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to allow hunter education courses to continue during the Covid-19 pandemic. On behalf of Hunter Nation, Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty filed suit last month arguing that the Department had violated is statutorily required duty to provide training courses to those who want to take up the sport of hunting.


On June 26th, just 9 days after WILL filed the lawsuit, the DNR reversed their actions and stated they would allow hunter education courses to open on July 13th. The DNR guidelines allow for courses with 50 people or less; DNR hunter safety courses of more than 50 students account for less than 2% of all courses.

Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty officially dismissed their lawsuit on July 13, 2020. Luke Hilgemann, President of Hunter Nation, said: “The right to hunt is guaranteed in the Wisconsin Constitution. Hunter Nation is pleased that the DNR has rolled this policy back. We will always stand vigilant to protect and defend the right to hunt for all Wisconsinites.”

WILL Deputy Counsel Lucas Vebber said: “This is a great result for the rule of law in Wisconsin. We thank Hunter Nation for stepping up to fight back against this unlawful agency action.”