Gov. Evers Vetoes Commonsense Hunting Bills That Would Have Expanded Hunting Access

Madison, WI. –Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers today killed by veto two bills that were key components of the Wisconsin Sporting Freedom Act. The two bills passed by the Legislature but killed by the Governor would have made it easier for more people to enjoy our God-given resources and ensure the government works better for hunters and anglers.

“Unfortunately, Gov. Evers made the decision to veto two commonsense hunting bills that would have expanded access to resources for Wisconsin’s hunters,” said HunterNation CEO, Luke Hilgemann. “The Governor is telling Wisconsin’s hunters that he doesn’t value their heritage, doesn’t care about their issues, and doesn’t understand or appreciate the tremendous positive impact hunting has on Wisconsin’s economy.”

The bills vetoed today, from material released by the legislators sponsoring them, include:

Pheasant Management Bill

  • This bill would increase the minimum number of pheasants being planted to 200,000 and would improve the identification of the properties where the pheasants are planted, increasing access to hunting.

Wisconsin Brook Trout Bill

  •  This bill would set a minimum number of 100,000 brook trout that would be required to be raised by the DNR.

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