Hunter Nation Says “Save Martha’s Peacocks!”

Grassroots organization answers Martha’s plea for help; highlights need for smart predator management programs

KANSAS CITY – Following the news over the weekend that six of famed television host and author Martha Stewart’s pet peacocks were devoured by coyotes, Hunter Nation — the nation’s fastest-growing grassroots organization in the nation dedicated to protecting the rights of hunters — is doubling down on its efforts to promote smart predator management and offers a solution to Martha’s plea for help.

In announcing the grizzly deaths in a post on her Instagram page on Sunday, Stewart pleaded with her followers for solutions. “The coyotes came in broad daylight and devoured…” noted Stewart. “...any solutions for getting rid of six large and aggressive coyotes who have expensive taste when it comes to poultry??”

Hunter Nation knows the solution.

Throughout its history, Hunter Nation has made successful and responsible predator management a central piece of its policy agenda. Working in states around the nation, the grassroots group of sportsmen and sportswomen are advocating for the promotion of policies and hunts to manage predator populations in an effort to avoid the exact type of outcome experienced by Ms. Stewart.

“First and foremost, the Hunter Nation family and its thousands of grassroots activists from across the country send our deepest sympathies to Martha and countless other American pet owners, but simply put, it didn’t have to be this way,” said Luke Hilgemann, CEO of Hunter Nation. “With a more expansive predator management program in Stewart’s home state of New York, tragic instances like this would be far less of a common occurrence.”

In response to the weekend’s needless tragedy at Stewart’s upstate farm, Hunter Nation is calling upon policy makers in New York to review and amend its predator hunting policies. While it was Martha Stewart’s peacocks today, without a serious expansion to their state’s coyote hunting season, it’s likely something similar will be occurring to someone you know and their pets tomorrow.


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  1. Tom Kimball on September 11, 2022 at 11:26 am

    In New Hampshire their is no closed season on coyotes and you can hunt them around the clock and the packs are still thriving and pets are getting taken. More people in N.H. Need to get out there and thin this problem out. If I’m out hunting and I get a chance to take one out I do it.

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