Mark DeYoung Passes Hunter Nation CEO Torch to Luke Hilgemann

Hunter Nation announced today that Mark DeYoung has resigned as CEO and board member, Luke Hilgemann, has been named as his replacement effective immediately.

“I came out of retirement to accept an unpaid CEO role with Hunter Nation with the intent of a relatively short tenure focused on helping the organization put in place foundational operating processes, register intellectual property, add new talent and resources, and institute basic control, compliance and governance practices,” said DeYoung. “We accomplished these objectives in 2019, and I am now returning to retirement to pursue my personal interests.”

Co-founder, Keith Mark said, “The help and guidance provided to Hunter Nation by Mark has been invaluable. We are honored to have benefited from his exceptional wisdom and business experience. I believe he has helped build a solid framework for Hunter Nation to expand and succeed going forward. What I am most excited about is Luke Hilgemann now taking over the reins of Hunter Nation. Luke’s faith, vision and passion for the mission and objectives of Hunter Nation make him perfect to lead this organization as we transition into the critical year of 2020.”

New CEO Luke Hilgemann added, “I want to thank Mark DeYoung for his tireless leadership and service to Hunter Nation and wish him well in his renewed retirement. He has helped build tremendous momentum for Hunter Nation and for that, we will be forever grateful. I am honored and truly blessed to be working with this dynamic, passionate team of outdoor leaders and hunting celebrities who’ve come together to protect our Traditional American Values of God, Family, Country, Hunting, and Conservation. In the year ahead, we have ambitious goals to build a permanent grassroots army of dedicated activists who share our passion for the outdoors and will work with us to ensure these values are protected and passed on to the next generation.”

DeYoung also noted, “I brought Luke Hilgemann on several months ago as a succession candidate, and I have full confidence in his capabilities and passion for Hunter Nation’s objectives. He is an experienced executive with a love of hunting, conservation, and our Traditional American Values. Luke will be a motivated and capable leader of the organization. It has been rewarding working with Hunter Nation and other organizations within the hunting and wildlife conservation community. I will continue to support the conservation of our planet’s wildlife and wild place,” said Mark DeYoung.

Co-founder, Don Peay stated, “I want to thank Mark for coming out of retirement and helping set up the Hunter Nation structure that has put us in a favorable position to move forward.

Luke brings tremendous leadership skills and a passion for the HN mission. His experience, knowledge and professional network will be an incredible value to Hunter Nation.”

Hunter Nation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Traditional American Values of God, Family, Country, Hunting, and Conservation by fostering unity and cooperation among the nation’s outdoor enthusiasts. As America’s fastest-growing grassroots hunting and conservation organization, Hunter Nation works tirelessly to educate and inform citizens and elected officials of the importance of the proper management of wildlife and the prudent conservation of their supporting ecosystems for the benefit of all. The Hunter Nation leadership and advisory team are the most noted and influential group ever assembled for this cause and invite new members to visit to lend their support and join today. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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