NWTF Joins Hunter Nation

Vince Rosdahl, President of the National Wild Turkey Federation, announced the NWTF has now joined in supporting Hunter Nation.

“The NWTF was founded to conserve the wild turkey and preserve our hunting heritage. The members of the NWTF work tirelessly to Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.” said Rosdahl.

“Hunter Nation, a new organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of hunting and hunter’s rights, works to ensure politicians on both sides of the isle know about, and take action to support of abundant wildlife and wildlife conservation programs funded by hunters.” Rosdahl added. “As a member of the advisory board of Hunter’s Nation and president of NWTF, I am pleased to now have NWTF supporting Hunter Nation.”

Keith Mark Co-Founder of Hunter Nation said, “The NWTF has always been a leader for conservation and hunters. NWTF and Hunter Nation working together on common issues and threats is a natural fit, for both organizations.”

Rob Keck said “the NWTF was THE leader from the conservation community in supporting the gun and ammunition manufacturers as well as the protection of the Second Amendment when cities and municipalities were trying to sue the industry out of business. I am proud to be part of the HN Advisory Board and am joined by many powerhouse conservation and patriot leaders from across our country.”

Contact email: [email protected]

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6700 Squibb Road, Suite 201, Mission, KS 66202

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