The Pennsylvania Game Commissioners are meeting today and Saturday to restrict additional natural secretions from deer, such as urine and glandular liquids, and artificial deer-attracting scents or lures. We cannot let that happen!

“I have been deer hunting for more than 70 years and am so dedicated as to keep in touch with the most dedicated wildlife biologists and Whitetail deer specialists all agreeing that there is no relationship between the use of scents or lures and the transmission of CWD. To ban or limit the use of such attractants has no basis in science whatsoever, but will further negatively affect the retention and recruitment of conservation families in the great state of Pennsylvania.” - Ted Nugent

Call now! Contact the Pennsylvania Game Commission by calling them at 1-833-742-4868 (1-833-PGC-HUNT) and let them know you strongly oppose the restriction of scents and lures for deer hunting.


  1. Ron Smiglewski on September 23, 2022 at 1:07 pm

    N.J. Instituted the same restrictions regarding natural deer lures, I’ve been actively hunting Pennsylvania for many years and see the activism coming out of the Northeast states fish and wildlife services relating to micro biologist who pretend to be conservationist, I have no formal education in wildlife biology however it does appear that many of these initiatives intended to prevent CWD. are junk science created by younger new age hires within fish and wildlife agencies micro managing hunting and fishing regulations while cloaking themselves with a flag of preserving and saving the natural resources, and there maybe, maybe even a little bias involved.

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