Hunter Nation at Texas Gun Experience

derek john luke

Things got loud in Grapevine, TX, this past Thursday as the #19 NASCAR Camping World Series Truck rolled onto the parking lot of Texas Gun Experience. NASCAR driver Derek Kraus met with fans and signed autographs, with the #19 Hunter Nation Toyota Tundra and MHR hauler on display. 

Kraus took time to explain to Hunter Nation’s president and CEO, Luke Hilgemann, the unique challenges of running a truck with 650 horsepower at 175 mph with competitors all around. 

We also had a special appearance from John Wayne Walding, a true American hero. Walding is a retired Green Beret veteran, Purple Heart recipient, and Hunter Nation Advisory Board Member. He was in Grapevine in support of the upcoming race, the 2nd Amendment, and all things hunting. 

Texas Gun Experience helped host the event at their beautiful facility. Texas Gun Experience is a top-tier gun shop, offers firearm rentals with over 200 machine guns in inventory, gunsmithing, a firearm academy with in-person and online gun classes, and much more.

The #19 Hunter Nation Toyota Tundra Truck owner Bill McAnally gave fans who attended a unique glimpse under the hood and provided insight into the technology and teamwork that goes into putting a truck of this nature onto the track.

The race resulted in a good points day for Derek Kraus in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series at Texas Motor Speedway on Saturday. He has boosted two spots into the top 15 in the championship standings.  

hn truck and hauler